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Turning the page from Deuteronomy to Joshua

Feb 06, 2014

Yesterday, the seventh book on Deuteronomy was delivered to us, so it is now available. The sixth book was completed last month, and the eighth book is being spiral bound now. I am also half done with the ninth book.

Here is a complete list of the Speeches of Moses series that is available so far:

Speech 1 is entitled History of the Exodus covering Deut. 1-4.

Speech 2 is entitled Upon the Covenant of Sinai covering Deut. 5-8.

Speech 3 is entitled Why Israel was Chosen covering Deut. 9-13.

Speech 4 is entitled Way of Life for the Sons of God covering Deut. 14-16.

Speech 5 is entitled Kingdom Government covering Deut. 16-21.

Speech 6 is entitled Domestic Laws covering Deut. 21-23.

Speech 7 is entitled Marriage and Neighborly Relations covering Deut. 24-26.

Speech 8 is entitled The Laws of Tribulation covering Deut. 27, 28.

The final books that are not yet available are:

Speech 9 is entitled The New Covenant and Joshua covering Deut. 29-31

Book 10 is entitled Final Prophecies covering Deut. 32-34.

All of these are $15 each, and most of these may be ordered from:


The latest books are not yet on that site, but are available from my website through PayPal or by request (email or letter mail).



I have been working hard to complete these books. It is always good to finish up a lengthy project. I hope to finish the last book by the end of this month. A year ago today, Ron came to my office and asked how long it would be until I finished Deuteronomy. I told him, “one year.” He then shared his discernment that this project represented the final “Moses” phase of the wilderness journey before Joshua is commissioned to lead us into the Inheritance and the Open Door Ministry.

It is looking more and more like he was correct. We do seem to be on the brink of change. With the completion of The Laws of Tribulation (Speech 8), we have finished the commentary on the actual LAWS of the Kingdom. Speech 9 turns the page and begins to lay the foundations of the New Covenant, showing how God took an oath to write the laws on the hearts of all men. He then commissioned Joshua as a type of Yeshua-Jesus to implement this second covenant by leading the people into the Kingdom.

As you may recall, Jesus’ Hebrew name was Yeshua, which is translated as Joshua. In Jesus’ first appearance, He was named after Joshua, but the prophetic type was only partially fulfilled at that time. You see, Joshua (or Hoshea) was of the tribe of Ephraim (Numbers 13:8), but Jesus was of the tribe of Judah. He had to be born of Judah to claim His throne rights, that is, the scepter (Genesis 49:10). But in His second coming, He must come as Joshua the Ephraimite in order to claim the Birthright of Joseph (1 Chronicles 5:1, 2).

His first appearance as the Passover Lamb was enough to set us free from the House of Bondage (Egypt), but it takes a second appearance to bring us into the Kingdom. We today are awaiting His manifestation as the inheritor of Joseph to complete the work and thereby unite the two sticks of Judah and Joseph.

Insofar as the Open Door Ministry is concerned, it appears that it must await the completion of Deuteronomy before we can enter the Joshua phase.

In one sense, we have already begun to transition into this Joshua phase through our series in the book of Luke. You see, Israel had 41 camps in the wilderness, listed in Numbers 33. Their 42nd camp was in the plains of Jericho after crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

Luke is the 42nd book of our Bible, so Luke connects with this 42nd camp. The two projects, Deuteronomy and Luke, form the transition from Moses to Joshua. I finished writing the weblogs on Deuteronomy on September 13, just before the Day of Atonement which is ten days into the new year by the Hebrew calendar.


I then started the series on Luke on September 21.


So there seems to be a prophetic pattern intertwining these weblogs and books. We do have thousands of readers each day, but this is still very few compared to the huge work that lies ahead. These books are my way of preparing for a greater work to come. Once they are in print, they can be used as Bible Study text books for classrooms or for individual study. These books are meant to be part of a curriculum for Bible Schools that we plan to set up around the world to train people in the Word for the work of ministry.

This is our vision for the future, and it is the reason I am working hard to prepare for that time. I expect God to provide the resources at the proper time to bring us into that next phase of ministry. I view the completion of the Deuteronomy books as a major sign that we are about to turn the page and launch into the second work of Christ, pictured by Joshua the Ephraimite.

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