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The January 30, 2014 Watch Date

Feb 03, 2014

The current Prophetic Year began on November 14, 2013. As I have said before, the Prophetic Year begins with a prophetic event each year shortly after the feast of Tabernacles. It begins with two cleansing cycles of 76 days each.

The first cleansing cycle ended on January 30, 2014. The next will end on April 15. The three dates at the start, middle, and end of these cycles also serve to give us patterns of what to expect in the rest of the year, culminating at the feast of Tabernacles.

So here we are at the end of the first cleansing cycle. We now have two dates to work with, establishing a basic pattern that should clarify on April 15. Two witnesses establish truth, while the third brings clarity and greater balance.

On November 14 the Prophetic Year began with the Pastor’s conference in Lake Sebu on Mindanao, Philippines. At that time we saw the patterns of the 9th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44), wherein Elisha fed 100 men with a few loaves of barley from the first-fruits offering. Last November, I was asked to “feed 100 pastors” who were expected to come to the Pastors conference.

This was all bound up with super-typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines while I was there. Haiyan is the Chinese name for a type of seagull that seems to walk on water, and hence, its western name is Petril, named after Peter, who walked on the water to meet Jesus.



With this background in mind, we can now look at January 30, 2014 and see what the next event portrayed. On this date, the Federal Reserve Bank announced a second “tapering” of its QE3-to-infinity program of monetizing the national debt and keeping interest rates at virtual zero (ZIRP = Zero Interest Rate Policy).


It has been known for the past year at least that this Fed policy could not end without destroying the big banks, all of which were heavily leveraged in the derivatives market, betting on low interest rates. Every uptick in interest rates would cost them billions of dollars. Recently, when interest rates spiked from 1.76% to 3%, the banking sector’s profits dropped by two-thirds.

So on January 30, outgoing chairman Ben Bernanke announced a further $10 billion reduction in the purchase of bonds. They had been spending $85 billion per month, then reduced it to $75 billion, and then on January 30 they reduced it again to $65 billion per month. This sent the stock market reeling, closing out the month about 5% down for the month of January.

While not many really understand money or how the Fed’s policy affects the average person, it is, nonetheless, a big event, as the article above points out.

“The Fed and the Treasury have no contingency plan for the collapse of the dollar because it is most likely designed to happen this way.  Perhaps the only contingency plan is in how to manage the American people after the downward revaluation of the dollar…”

“Other goals of QE were to create a massive stock market bubble (illusionary and temporary wealth) and drive down the price of gold and silver to keep the dollar alive long enough to plan and implement the new economic system.

“The fact that almost all the gold has gone east, including the ‘scrap’ gold that Americans sold off cheap at the behest of silly commercials, and the Fed is actually tapering now, we can conclude that what we are seeing is something akin to an economic version of the Battle of Waterloo. The holders of the gold are about to buy America up for pennies on the dollar.”

There is a Global Currency Reset coming, where all of the artificial values of the currencies of the world will be reset according to more realistic values. When this happens, it is inevitable that the US dollar will be devalued, because it is now overvalued, due to its status as the World Currency. But that is changing, as the BRICS nations dump the dollar, paying for imports with their own currencies instead of using dollars.

The Global Currency Reset is designed to bring greater honesty to the value of national currencies worldwide. At the same time, there is a bank housecleaning taking place, because the Western Babylonian system has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. The book of Revelation indicates that it is a dishonest system of organized crime that is the biggest theft ring in all of history. The Vatican Bank has been involved in this theft ring as well, and so Pope Francis was elected almost a year ago to deal with the problem.

On January 15, 2014 he fired four out of five of the top officials at the Vatican Bank in his attempt to “cleanse the temple” by casting out the money changers.

Then on January 26 as the pope released two “peace” doves from the Vatican balcony, a crow and a seagull attacked them.


When I saw this, I saw it as a possible sign that the Seahawks would go on the attack and win the Superbowl on February 2. Note that last year the Ravens won. So the Ravens and the Seahawks won the Superbowl, and the pope’s doves were attacked by a crow and a seagull. Coincidence?

As to its meaning, I will defer to Ron, our resident expert in sportology. No doubt he will put together a report on it, and I will then see if I can post it.

No doubt there are many layers of prophetic meaning in all of these signs. One layer indicates a cleansing of the banking houses, which have functioned on counterfeit righteousness based on traditions of men. Perhaps God has sent in the ravens and the seahawks to expose this.

Secondly, when we contemplate the fact that in 2014 and 2015 each feast of Passover and feast of Tabernacles will be marked by lunar eclipses (“blood moons”) could well foreshadow a coming war.


The recent death of Ariel Sharon seems to point to the war that destroys Jerusalem, as prophesied in Isaiah 29 and Jeremiah 19. While many believe that God will save the city at the last minute, the prophets disagree. The Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 4:24-30 that “Hagar,” i.e., earthly Jerusalem, must be “cast out” in favor of “Sarah,” the heavenly Jerusalem.

Jerusalem literally means “City of Peace,” which might connect it to the peace doves that were attacked on January 26. But the prophets tell us that Jerusalem had become “The Bloody City” (Ezekiel 22:2; 24:6; 24:9; Nahum 3:1). Hence, a “blood moon” over the city of Jerusalem has often been regarded as a portent of war and destruction.

Perhaps we will receive greater clarification on April 15, which is Passover and the date of the first lunar eclipse in this four-part display in the heavens. April 15 is also the end of the second 76-day cleansing cycle in the current Prophetic Year.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones