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Snow day

Feb 21, 2014

We had close to 10 inches of heart-attack snow last night, and it took all morning to shovel out the driveway to get to the office. In fact, on my first attempt, I got stuck in the middle of the driveway, because I tried to get out without shoveling.

By noon, however, we had shoveled a car-width to the street, and I was able to drive to work. The roads are all plowed, but for the first time there was no salt or sand on the roads. Just packed snow that was brilliant white. It appears that Minneapolis has run out of salt this year, along with everyone else.

I should start a snowmobile fund.

The snow level is almost up to the level of the window in our kitchen. Soon the rabbits who live under our deck will be able to peek in the window and beg for nuts. We have had only a few days where the temperature went above freezing, so most of the snow that has fallen this winter is still on the ground. We have had about 55 inches of snow so far, which is about average for a winter. They get a lot more snow in the northern part of the state, but Minneapolis is just 90 miles from the tropics of Iowa.

Californians, I wish we could export some of this water to you. I suspect that the HAARP program is working overtime to bring that "polar vortex" south of the Canadian border. This has brought snowstorms to the Eastern half of the country and drought out West. I don't think the government is really targeting California. I think they are really targeting the Sochi Olympics in order to try to embarrass Putin. When we get snow, Sochi gets warm weather--not so good for Winter Olympics. California's drought and the East Coast's snow is just collateral damage.

Of course, they blame it on "climate change," now that the term "global warming" has become the laughing stock of many Americans. The question is, Who is changing the climate? HAARP does have this ability, and as Dick Cheney once said, "what good is power if you don't use it?"


And then there's the hurricanes in Britain, all part of the same weather pattern.

The HAARP program in Alaska was built back in the 1990 as a "weather modification" project, which, I believe, quickly turned into weather warfare. They certainly have the ABILITY to bring the polar vortex wherever they want to place it, so at the very least, they could move it back north if they wanted to do so. I never even head of a polar vortex until this year, and the weatherman said he had never seen it come down below the Canadian border. So this is obviously an unusual event, which makes me somewhat suspicious of HAARP.

But there are others who follow this weather warfare stuff more closely. I am more interested in God's HARP, the Sea of Galilee, called Gennesaret, or "Harps," on account of its shape. When God plays His Harp, storms arise on the Sea of Galilee in order to teach faith to some disciples and prospective apostles. He has a better system of weather modification that He uses to teach us many lessons in faith.

I may not get a weblog written today.

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