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Overthrowing the golden calves

Feb 24, 2014

The death of Bob Jones on February 14, along with the information from his memorial service on February 21, has uncovered a major revelation dating back to 2001. It appears likely that the petitions we made before the Divine Court back in 2001 are now bearing fruit in the world.

For this reason, I thought it would be helpful to review background from the events in 2001, so that we may know what to watch for in the days and weeks ahead. So far we do not really have full confirmation of the link between 2001 and 2014. The date of Feb. 21 is our only solid evidence so far, and it takes a double witness to really establish it.

Yet we are now on high alert to watch all the dates on which occurred the Divine Court petitions and the spiritual warfare from 2001.

In January 2001 the Father gave His opening revelation that the golden calves which Jeroboam set up in Bethel and Dan (1 Kings 12:28, 29) had never been overthrown. These false gods ultimately were the spiritual cause of Israel’s deportation to Assyria, for God brought judgment upon the nation as prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:64.

Jeroboam was an Ephraimite (1 Kings 11:26), and he was the first king of Israel after Solomon died and after the kingdom was divided between Israel and Judah. The tribe of Ephraim, of course, held the Birthright of Joseph and therefore was the leading tribe of Israel. When God judged Israel two centuries later, the nation was overthrown, but the false gods (golden calves) continued to rule them while they were in exile. In fact, this too was prophesied in the law of Moses in Deuteronomy 28:64.

So throughout the 2,520 year captivity, those golden calves continued to hold sway over the hearts and minds of those ex-Israelites who had been disinherited, divorced from God, and cast out of the old land. We now know too that this 2,520 year captivity is really a 2,620 year captivity, because the beast empires lost control of Jerusalem for a century from 163-63 B.C. Hence, that lost century had to be made up at the end from 1914-2014.

I believe that we are now (2014) at the time when the beast empires’ dominion is ending. That is why the petition that we did before the Divine Court in 2001 is just now coming into operation and being enforced by God Himself. The revelation of the golden calves came early in the month of January 2001, but we did not know what to do about it until I went to speak at a Sonship Conference with Elaine Cook on January 19-21, 2001.

It was during that conference (January 20) that President Clinton left office and was replaced by President Bush. This seemed to mark a change in the spirit as well, for from that time on God began to speak to us clearly and in great detail, so that we might be equipped for the season of spiritual warfare that lay ahead.

The first major revelation was that we were to petition the Divine Court on January 29 to remove those golden calves from their position of rulership. Since it had been revealed as early as June 1982 that I was of the tribe of Ephraim, it became my responsibility to overturn the sin of Jeroboam, the Ephraimite, and I had to do so on January 29, which was my birthday.

I wrote about this on March 7, 2001 in a private newsletter that I had been doing in those days called The Lord’s Doing:

“King Jehu destroyed Baal worship out of Israel (2 Kings 10:28), and so God gave King Jehu a dynasty of rulership in Israel to his sons for the next 4 generations (10:30). However, his lineage would not rule Israel permanently, because he did not remove the golden calves from Bethel and Dan, which King Jeroboam had built (10:29). He removed Baal worship, but did not remove the golden calves.

“It struck me as I studied and prayed over this that the golden calves were never removed by anyone in authority over the House of Israel. This sin brought about the fall of Israel, for God used the Assyrians to come in and conquer the nation. Perhaps those calves were carried into Assyria, or perhaps the priests became refugees and carried them to one of Israel's many colonies, such as Carthage on the northern coast of Africa. But no one in authority had ever cast them down from being the national gods ofIsrael.

“So in praying about this, God spoke to us and said, "Apollyon is the Prince of Persia and is the one behind Assyria when it conquered Israel. He was empowered to do this because of the golden calves set up by Jeroboam."

“In the thousands of years since Israel ceased to be a nation in 721 B.C., no one in a position of authority had thought to cast down the golden calves. Then last November 30, 2000, the overcomers finally received full legal authority after 7 years of spiritual warfare. I finally realized that we were called to cast down these golden calves on January 29, 2001. This was not something that we had the authority to do prior to last November. Nor would we have even thought to do this, except by revelation.”

The petition itself, done at 9:00 a.m. January 29, 2001, read in part:

“Lord, the Ephraimite, Jeroboam, the first king of the divided Israel, sinned by setting up two golden calves, one in Bethel and one in Dan. Later, the worship of Baal was established in the nation, which Jehu was anointed to destroy out of Israel. Yet he did not remove the sin of Jeroboam, but retained them as Israel's national religion and did not take heed of the law of the Lord God of Israel. You were faithful to judge our nation, even as Your Covenant specified. We thank you for not leaving us blessed in our sins. We thank you for keeping Your Word.

“And now, O Lord, as an Ephraimite I ask that these golden calves be cast down, burned with fire, and ground to powder, even as Moses Thy servant did to the golden calf in his day. Let this be our morning sacrifice unto Thee this day, for burnt offerings of bulls and goats are not what You desire, but the sacrifice of our lips and of our hearts.

“I also ask forgiveness first on behalf of the entire tribe of Ephraim, who led Israel into this great sin; also on behalf of all the tribes who concurred in the worship of the golden calves. Blot out their sins, O Lord, that Your promises and covenants may be established in Your people and in all the earth.

“I ask that the whole Church be set free from any and all influence and domination by the golden calves and that the Church be put under the full authority of Jesus Christ alone.

I ask also for forgiveness on behalf of our whole nation, wherever they may be found. I thank You, for I know that You are a loving and merciful God, and quick to forgive our sins.

The opposing side obviously objected to this petition, and so at 10:30 a.m. the same day, when the mail arrived, we heard from the woman speaking for the golden calves, who severely reprimanded me for presuming to take authority in this case. It is interesting, of course, that she mailed the letter earlier in the week. We were led by revelation alone, knowing only that we would be opposed—or rather that we were the opposition—but we also knew that two months earlier we had received the full authority to act (Nov. 30, 2000).

I do not want to bore you with repetitious details, but I know there are many new readers who are unfamiliar with the sequence of prophetic events taking place in the past 30 years. In brief, the Church under its Pentecostal anointing is prophesied by the life of King Saul, who was crowned on the feast of Pentecost in 1 Samuel 12:17 (where it is called the day of “wheat harvest”). Even as Saul ruled 40 years as a type of the Church under Pentecost, so also the Church was given the mandate to rule for 40 Jubilees (40 x 49 = 1,960 years).

Hence, the feast of Pentecost was allotted 1,960 years from 33 to 1993 A.D. On the feast of Pentecost, May 30, 1993, “Saul” died, and David’s authority began to rise in the world. David is not a single man, but a company of people, even as with Saul. We know from 2 Samuel 5:5 that David ruled just one tribe for seven years and six months before He was crowned king over all Israel and took the city of Jerusalem, which he made his capital.

So from May 30, 1993 to November 30, 2000 was the time of David’s partial authority, just enough to start our Jubilee Prayer Campaign. Then on November 28-30, 2000 Sunny Day scheduled a meeting at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, where we prophetically decreed the overthrow of the old Jerusalem and the establishment of the New Jerusalem as the capital of David’s Kingdom.

We understood then that the David company, functioning under the anointing of the feast of Tabernacles, had been given the full authority to complete the Kingdom work. Two months later, then, we received revelation about overthrowing the golden calves, and a representative of the church (a Pentecostal) sent the letter objecting to this transfer of authority. (She acted as the spiritual lawyer for the golden calves.) She wrote:

Stephen E. Jones

Thus saith the Lord… You, sir, with your carnal mind, carnal intent, and carnal baggage have portrayed yourself to be a General of sorts in My mighty Army. Henceforth I shall bring you to the ground, for you, with your carnal, Satanic moves, have crushed and put to death all hope of My true anointed ones from coming forth…”

In other words, she conceded defeat, for she had discerned that her clients under the golden calves had lost “all hope” of being established as “My true anointed ones.”

She went on to say, “Yielding this day to this rebuke may save you; if your resist Me, My fury upon your life shall flow like a flame of fire against you.”

It is interesting that California Bob had already written to tell me that one of my angels was called “Power of the Flame,” taken from Isaiah 47:14, speaking of the spiritual power to overthrow Babylon. Her letter seems to refer to this, although she had twisted it to use it against me. So after commanding me to cease from all spiritual warfare and remain at home until she sent further instructions, she signed her name as “Commander in Chief of the Army of the Lord.”

Such is the leavened spirit of Pentecost in our time as it objects to the transfer of authority to the spirit of Tabernacles, even as the house of Saul objected to the rise of the house of David. Even after Saul died, his children believed they had the rightful authority to rule the house of Israel.

So on January 29, 2001 we lodged our petition before the Divine Court to overthrow the golden calves over America (and, by extension, the whole world). These golden calves took the form of seven princes over America. As I wrote the other day, the challenge of authority was resolved by laying our staves of authority before the Lord in His Tabernacle to allow Him to let it bear fruit (“berries”). This sign manifested at noon, February 21.

It was then revealed that the divine verdict would only stir up an “all-out war,” beginning February 26 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The Father told us also that this first battle would be concluded at 10:32 a.m. on Feb. 28. And so we began to engage the enemy in three battles over the next month. On February 23 I flew to Seattle to initiate the first battle.

When it was concluded, a powerful 6.8 Richter earthquake struck Seattle at 10:54 a.m., just 22 minutes after the conclusion of the battle. It was so powerful that it cracked the Capitol dome in Olympia, WA. The government workers were unable to work in their offices.

The epicenter of the earthquake was under Devil’s Head on Key Peninsula, not far from Seattle. It is so named because it is in the shape of a serpent’s head. Earlier, on Oct. 2, 1999 some friends of ours who lived in the area prophesied at Devil’s Head to “cut off the serpent’s head.” Their prophecy set into motion the future spiritual warfare in 2001 that resulted in the 6.8 Richter earthquake.

This battle focused upon two of the seven princes over America: Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge. We were led to replace them with the Spirit of Peace and the Spirit of Joy.

The second battle took place March 8-9 against the Prince of Usury, replacing him with the Spirit of Helpfulness.

The final battle took place March 22-24 against the remaining four princes: The Red Dragon, the Prince of Counterfeit, the Prince of Slavery, and the Prince of Influence. These were replaced by the Spirit of Maturity, Temperance, Responsibility, and Faithfulness.

The dates of these battles have now become new watch dates in 2014, assuming that my discernment is correct in correlating the events of 2001 with those of 2014.

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