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Will China purchase the Federal Reserve Bank?

Jan 22, 2014

There is a report out that China may be ready to buy the Federal Reserve Bank, which, as you know, is a private bank that is presently owned mostly by foreign banking families.


Why would China and other countries take on the risk of this debt?  Simple, it’s economic reset or economic collapse.  It’s in the world’s interest to re-structure the U.S. debt to save the whole whale from beaching itself.

Rumors are circulating that the U.S. dollar will have a rate for in country use, and a separate international rate.  That is because the U.S. treasury and the Federal Reserve are about to be severed from each other.  The Treasury will control the in country dollar, and the “international reserve” dollar will be controlled by China and or the I.M.F. consortium of debt holders.

The U.S. in fact defaulted back in October of 2013.  This has not been told to the public at large….

The system of debt based money creation of the Western world is dead.  It’s over.  The shift East is in the final stages of completion.

If this report has any truth to it, it indicates that the “handwriting on the wall” occurred a year ago, October 2013, and that the divine foreclosure process on Babylon has been proceeding for more than a year now. Babylon was sold to the Medes and Persians in Daniel 5:28, as they were the “kings of the east” in that time. Today, it appears that Mystery Babylon, centered at the Federal Reserve Bank, has been sold to the new kings of the east—primarily Russia and China, but, by extension, all of the BRICS nations. The BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Because there are so many who do not understand Bible prophecy, many no doubt will oppose this without realizing that they are defending Babylon against Cyrus the Persian (“the Messiah” of Isaiah 45:1). If this sale is finalized, we should treat it as the fulfillment of prophecy and know that the Kingdom of God is near.

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Category: Financial
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones