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Prophetic Poem for 2014

Jan 01, 2014

Doors, Floors, Glory and More

(A Prophetic Poem for 2014)
(By Holy Spirit through Jo Ellen Stevens)

Doors,doors, opened doors
Our ceilings now becoming floors!
Glory shining brighter still
The hungry ones will all be filled!!

Angels breaking through to those
Who’ve spoken words that they were told
From the holy of holies, the mercy seat
These words in earth they did repeat!

Like arrows flying toward their mark
God sending them into the dark
To speak the words heard in the night
Words that bring love, words that bring light!

Yes Angels going to bring to pass!
The word made flesh alas, alas!
Spoken from the prophet’s lips
With glory and with heavenly bliss!

Gold, gold that is coming through
From all the trials that they’ve been through!
Bowls being poured upon the earth
Of the prayers that my people brought forth in birth!

You’ll see lightnings and thunders and winds will blow
Because of these prayers of the saints of old
Together with the saints on earth
They’ve filled up the vial, through the prayers they’ve birthed!

And no one able to deny
Their God is able to bring the supply!
To do the works that are born of love
They’ll know, yes they’ll know it’s from above!

Bringing life to those in need
Spreading seed and the poorest feed.
With hearts like His they’ll share the love
And know that it was from the dove!

Yes, Holy Spirit will again arise
And gifts will emerge in the church’s eyes!
Miracles, signs and wonders again
Bringing forth His royal kids!

Yes, the rain of His Spirit upon us once more
Early and latter together will pour!
Reaper overtaking the sower ’twill be
As soon as you speak it coming to be!

Yes, harvest begins in 2014
So let us begin to train them to glean,
The ones who’ll bring the greatest catch
The most glorious harvest we’ve ever seen yet!

Assemble together, it will take unity
To usher in the age of the kingdom to be
The day of Christ in you is near!
So arise and shine the glory is here!!

The Kingdom age has now begun
The awakening of my manifest sons
The sons of love and peace are here
Reformation drawing near!!

So hear the prophets of my heart
And so shall you prosper and never depart!
This is my word for 2014
We’ve only started ,and begun to see!!



This is the Year of the Open Door. I believe this year will also see the start of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of a great harvest worldwide.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones