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Model Prayers

Jan 07, 2014

Motion to Compel

To be petitioned before the divine court on January 7, 2014

Father, we come before the divine court, asking that You would reaffirm and enforce the provisions and terms of the contract by which You sold Israel, Judah, and the rest of the world into the hands of the beast system for 2,520 years. [Jeremiah 27:2-8]

We acknowledge your righteousness in sentencing us and selling us into slavery on account of our sin [Exodus 22:3]. Yet we also recognize the expiration date on the time that the beast system was given the Dominion Mandate [Leviticus 26:24].

We claim that the 2,520 years of subjection to this beast system has now expired and that the present form of beast system, known as Mystery Babylon, has refused to release its slaves that the earth may receive its rest, as promised in the terms of this contract [Jeremiah 50:33].

Therefore, we ask that You would rule in our favor, grant us grace, and overrule Babylon’s claim that the Dominion Mandate is theirs in perpetuity [Jeremiah 50:34]. We ask that You would enforce this and give the Mandate of Heaven to the saints of the Most High [Daniel 7:22, 28].

Thank-you for hearing our case, as instructed by our Advocate, the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to Overcome Resistance

To be prayed from January 7-11, 2014

Father, we ask that you would confirm and make Your will clear so that all would know those whom You have chosen to be given the Dominion Mandate for the Age to come.

We pray that all resistance to Your perfect will would be overcome by Truth, whether that resistance is found in us or in others.

Be merciful to all those who sincerely believe and support that which is not true. Open all blind eyes to know You, so that we may submit to Your will and support Your plan fully.

Thank-you, heavenly Father, for answering this prayer, which we pray in the name of Jesus.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones