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Model Prayer for Overcoming Resistance Prayer Campaign

Jan 06, 2014

The prayer campaign begins Tuesday, January 7 and ends Saturday, January 11, 2014.

We are going before the divine court to file a petition, whose purpose is to overcome all Babylonian resistance to the divine plan and to ask God to enforce the expiration date on the original contract when in 607 B.C. the court sold the world into the hands of the “beast systems” of men for 2,520 years.

In Exodus 22:3 we read that if a thief cannot pay restitution to restore the damages incurred by his sin, he was to be “sold for his theft.” In other words, he was to work off his debt as a slave, and his new master then became responsible to pay the debt on behalf of the sinner.

In the book of Judges, God often “sold” Israel into slavery to foreign nations when they sinned as a nation.

Judges 3:8, “He sold them into the hand of Chushan-rishathaim, king of Mesopotamia.”

Judges 4:2, “And the Lord sold them into the hand of Jabin, king of Canaan.”

Judges 10:7, “And the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel, and He sold them into the hands of the Philistines and into the hands of the children of Ammon.”

Such sales were made in the divine court of law. Israel was sold because they could not pay restitution on the debt incurred by their sin (violation of the Covenant). In each case the court had measured the precise amount of time that Israel was to be enslaved.

When such court-mandated slavery was decreed, the purchaser (“redeemer”) then took upon himself the obligation to pay the restitution-debt of the sinner. Presumably, the slave’s labor would give the slave master sufficient income to more than compensate him for the debt. But if the slave master refused to pay the debt during the time of enslavement, then he himself became liable for the debt, and the court then could find him guilty of non-compliance. At the expiration date, the court would not only set the slave free, but also demand payment from the slave master.

If the slave master refused to comply with the ruling of the court, he was guilty of contempt of court and could receive the death penalty (Deuteronomy 17:9-12).

Jeremiah prophesied that Babylon would refuse to comply with the terms of their contract after Judah and Jerusalem were sold into the hands of Babylon. Not only did they refuse to set the slaves free, but they also were unable to pay the debt note which they had become responsible for when Judah was sold to them.

I wrote about this in greater detail some years ago in a pocket-size book entitled, The Debt Note in Prophecy. In short, the debt is pictured in Scripture as the fruit of the Spirit that God has required since the dawn of history. The Babylonian beast system, however, is incapable of producing the fruit of the Spirit, and so it was a foregone conclusion from the start that they would come under divine judgment at the expiration date of their contract. It was the divine plan not only to set the slaves free and give the earth its rest (Sabbath), but also to judge the carnal minds of men and the carnal systems of government that spring from the uninspired minds of men. In this way, the divine plan calls for the greatest paradigm shift in history, when the Kingdom of God, pictured as a Stone in Daniel 2:35, grinds the image to powder and then grows to fill the whole earth.

We are now near this crucial juncture in Kingdom History. These next three years (1913/14 to 1916/17), I believe, will see major changes as the judgment of the divine court is carried out by divine agents.

The Overcoming Resistance Prayer Campaign is our petition to the divine court to enforce compliance to the law. Since the Holy Spirit has inspired us to go to court, we know that the court will rule in our favor, for the outcome has already been prophesied.

In legal terminology (so I am told) this is called a Motion to Compel.

Motion to Compel

Father, we come before the divine court, asking that You would reaffirm and enforce the provisions and terms of the contract by which You sold Israel, Judah, and the rest of the world into the hands of the beast system for 2,520 years. [Jeremiah 27:2-8]

We acknowledge your righteousness in sentencing us and selling us into slavery on account of our sin [Exodus 22:3]. Yet we also recognize the expiration date on the time that the beast system was given the Dominion Mandate [Leviticus 26:24].

We claim that the 2,520 years of subjection to this beast system has now expired and that the present form of beast system, known as Mystery Babylon, has refused to release its slaves that the earth may receive its rest, as promised in the terms of this contract [Jeremiah 50:33].

Therefore, we ask that You would rule in our favor, grant us grace, and overrule Babylon’s claim that the Dominion Mandate is theirs in perpetuity [Jeremiah 50:34]. We ask that You would enforce this and give the Mandate of Heaven to the saints of the Most High [Daniel 7:22, 28].

Thank-you for hearing our case, as instructed by our Advocate, the Holy Spirit.

Please pray this once on January 7, along with any other prayers, as led by the Spirit. Understand that we already know that we have won our case, so relax and enjoy the victory. You need not sweat or scream at the Judge, for He will decide this case based upon the righteousness (justice) of our cause, and not by the decibels of our cries. See tomorrow's post for the general prayer to be prayed during the rest of the prayer campaign through January 11.

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