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Correction and further understanding on the prayer campaign

Jan 07, 2014

I awoke this morning with the Lord speaking to me about a correction that needed to be made in yesterday’s instructions. So I came to the office, warmed my fingers on a cup of hot green tea, and sat down to make the correction. (The “polar vortex” is hovering over us, and the temperature was minus 22 degrees (F) in Minneapolis yesterday. It is still well below zero today, and my office is 59 degrees.)

The “Motion to Compel” is to be presented to the Divine Court by all of us collectively today, as I had written. But this needs to be presented today only. It does not need to be refiled every day this week, although if anyone does so, there is no harm in it.

The rest of the time we are to pray differently in regard to other groups who are presenting their own cases before the divine court. These other groups want to receive the Dominion Mandate as well, claiming to be the “saints of the Most High” who are worthy of ruling in the Age to come.

The problem is that Daniel 7:22 does not define “the saints.” Hence, for example, some Jews believe it is them and want to use this Mandate to establish Judaism in the Age to come, complete with an earthly temple in Jerusalem, animal sacrifices, and (most important) a messiah of their own choosing. Among those advocating the Jewish Supremacy view are the Christian Zionists.

Others define “the saints” as genealogical Israelites and want to use this Mandate to subject the world to carnally minded Israelites, as long as they have pure genealogy from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They have taken the Jewish racial view and reapplied it to “the real Israelites.”

Still others define “the saints” as the Church (i.e., King Saul), various denominations of what they believe to be “the true church.” I need not name these, but they are all various prophetic manifestations of King Saul.

There are also various cults from other nations who believe that they are called to rule the world in the Age to come. Perhaps most notable among them is the cult described by Garry Greenwood, a former member. He writes,

Welcome to your new future and to the world of Sukyo Mahikari – Japan’s fastest growing state-sponsored doomsday cult. This supremacist cult has your future already in its hands.

The above words represent a mere sample of the doomsday and supremacy ideology to be found within the pages of their holy book of “divine revelations’ the Goseigen, from which members of this cult obtain their succour, justification, future directions and arrogance meanwhile setting the future course for humankind. These revelations come from the highest most powerful god this nation could conjure up. Don’t mess with him.

“The ultimate result will be the destruction of the earth. All must end up in destruction and separation. Therefore god's kingdom has been symbolised by KAGOME.” P 280 revealed October 11, 1966. (Kagome is the Star of David symbol – of those who will be saved)

I am presenting the samples set out above since I have a copy of Goseigen and I have read it many times over. I was a high-ranking member of this cult for around ten years. All cult members have a copy and know it thoroughly. It’s their duty to. It’s their bible – their script which they must faithfully follow.


Greenwood again quotes from this cult’s bible:

“The End of the World has a significance of the dawn of the civilisation which is under the control of the god of truth. It will be established by the chosen people.”(Japanese nation) P 141, revealed, August 20 1961….

“Flare up, the people of the land of Japan – god’s land. Flare up ahead of the world, the new True people” P 193, revealed October 30, 1963.

“The land of sunrise (Japan) is the land of spirits origin and the land of spiritual flame. The place of heaven. Therefore the great cleansing must be carried out.” P 236-7 revealed February 15, 1965.

Finally [Greenwood writes], it would appear, God’s chosen ones are now firmly in place and their Armageddon, as required by the sacred words contained within Goseigen, must now be allowed to take its natural course ever confident that they are fulfilling the wish of their great God of Japan.

“As I have said, god created the races of five different colours. They are yellow, red, white, blue and black. There are two kinds in the yellow race - that is Obito and Kibito - the so-to-speak head family and branch family. (Note: Obito refers to the Japanese race and Kibito refers to the Chinese race, which implies the Japanese are the headrace and all other races are below them). The land called Hinomoto (Japan), in which thou are living, is the land of spirit's origin. It is the original place where god created spiritual forms and spiritual images. He placed Obito (the king race) here and dispatched and spread all five races throughout the world as branch races (inferior races). It is the peerless place (Mt Fuji - Japan) in which god placed the ones with the role to unite as his deputies to govern this world.”  P 275 revealed February 5, 1966.

The time of the true chosen people of god has come.”

This group now has over a million followers and claims to be the fastest growing religion in Japan. They work toward setting off an Armageddon-like destruction of the earth, after which their own race will rise up to rule the earth. So they believe. It is another of the racially-based religions that compete with “the saints of the Most High.”

I was made aware of this group through Benjamin Fulford, who wrote about it in his most recent post dated January 7, 2014, entitled, Final offensive against cabal continues, resistance fading but nasty incidents still possible.


I find it interesting that he mentions “resistance fading” to show that the power brokers of Mystery Babylon (“the cabal”) are steadily losing control over the world. He is using the very word that the Father gave me in naming this prayer campaign. This is indeed about control of the world for the next thousand years. This final Babylonian beast empire, known prophetically as “Mystery Babylon,” is the final century in the succession of beast empires. It is centered in the Federal Reserve Bank, the City of London, and the Vatican Bank. This is also the final form that the Little Horn has taken in the earth in order to manifest its religious and monetary power as described as two beasts in Revelation 13.

These men also believe themselves to be “the elite” of the world, calling themselves “Olympians” and even “gods of the earth.” The Federal Reserve Bank is often referred to as a “temple” in news accounts. They have been in control, and they want to remain in control beyond their mandate. For this reason, they refuse to let their slaves go free, now that their contract has expired, and they too are petitioning the divine court to let them rule the earth for another thousand years.

So we have much competition in this divine court case. But we are confident, according to our revelation of truth, that the overcomers are the saints of the Most High who will rule in the Age to come. These overcomers are described in Revelation 5:9, 10 in terms of their representatives, pictured as the four “beasts” (living creatures) around the throne. These four living creatures represent all of creation, as I have shown in other studies.

9 And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy art Thou to take the book, and to break its seals, for Thou wast slain, and didst purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. 10 And Thou hast made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.”

In other words, it is not their racial makeup that qualifies them as “saints” that will rule the earth, but their genealogy from King Jesus. Since Jesus had no physical children, the law presents us with the alternate manner in which we may become “sons of God.” The law is found in Deuteronomy 25:5-10. Jesus died childless, but was not ashamed to call us brethren (Hebrews 2:11). We are therefore His younger brothers, called to raise up seed unto our Brother.

This is done by a spiritual process, mandated in the law, and has nothing to do with the physical manner in which children are begotten. The inheritor in Deuteronomy 25 is not a physical son but a legal son. In His wisdom, God thus made provision for all races everywhere to be given opportunity to become “sons of God” by the same spiritual process—that is, by being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and begetting “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

The equal nature of this is seen clearly in the law found in Exodus 12:19 and in Deuteronomy 16:11, 14, where both genealogical Israelites and aliens who had joined the nation of Israel were supposed to keep all three of the feasts: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

Passover signifies justification, Pentecost signifies the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and Tabernacles signifies being an overcomer. The Jews of the first century grudgingly allowed non-Jews to become proselytes to Judaism, which, if their faith was genuine, meant that they were keeping the true Passover. The early church, coming out of the Judaistic mindset, disputed the right of aliens to keep Pentecost. However, in the end Peter was shown that they too could keep Pentecost and receive the promise of the Father, for the Holy Spirit did indeed come upon them (Acts 10:47). The doctrine was proven by actual experience, though even then some refused to believe it.

If they had understood Deuteronomy 16:11, this legal right would have been undisputed in the early church, for here the law commands non-Israelites to keep Pentecost. But as it was, the apostle Paul had to fight many Jewish Christians for the right of non-Jews to receive a promise many thought was given only to genealogical Israelites or Judeans.

Two thousand years later, the dispute in some circles today centers on Tabernacles and whether or not non-Israelites may be overcomers that are qualified to rule and reign with Christ. I point to Deuteronomy 16:14 as proof that aliens or “strangers” are not only allowed but actually commanded to keep the feast of Tabernacles along with the genealogical Israelites.

These are “the saints of the Most High.” These, we believe, are qualified to rule and reign as (Melchizedek, not Levi) priests of God and of Christ (Revelation 20:6). If anyone presents their pedigree from any man other than of King Jesus Himself as the basis of their qualification to rule in the Age to come, we believe their claim will be rejected in the divine court.

During this past year, God brought up this dispute to the public forum in order to allow everyone to decide for himself what to believe. I discussed the main issues in my FFI articles for May and June of 2013.



With the revelation of this prayer campaign, it is now obvious why God brought up this divisive issue in the past year. It was to prepare our hearts for this prayer campaign, so that we may participate with understanding. Those who can say “Amen” to this are welcome to join me in this “Motion to Compel” and the subsequent prayer for the rest of the week.

I will post both of these prayers separately to make it easier for those who want to print a paper copy of them.

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