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Ariel Sharon dies at the end of the Overcoming Resistance prayer campaign

Jan 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon died today (Saturday).


We have long believed that Ariel Sharon was a type of Jerusalem (and the Israeli state in general), and that his passing would signal the nearing destruction of that city as prophesied in Jeremiah 19:11 and in Isaiah 29:1-6.

If you are unfamiliar with those passages or with this concept, I suggest you read two articles that I wrote about Ariel Sharon in 2006, at the time of his heart attack.



In a way, my belief was shared by Rabbi Kaduri, who died just a few weeks after Ariel Sharon went into a coma, on January 28, 2006 at the age of 108. He was a Jewish mystic who prophesied that the Messiah would come after the death of Ariel Sharon, that destructive events would occur in the region after that time, and that the Messiah’s name was Yehoshua, or Yeshua-Jesus.

Israel Today commented on this, saying,

Shortly before he died, one of Israel's most prominent rabbis wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would remain sealed until now. When the note was opened, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the Messiah.

A few months before he died, one of the nation’s most prominent rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, supposedly wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would remain sealed until now. When the note was unsealed, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the Messiah.

With the biblical name of Jesus, the Rabbi and kabbalist described the Messiah using six words and hinting that the initial letters form the name of the Messiah. ­The secret note said:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name, He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

This I have signed in the month of mercy,
Yitzhak Kaduri

The Hebrew sentence (translated above in bold) with the hidden name of the Messiah reads: Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim

The initials spell the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yehoshua. Yehoshua and Yeshua are effectively the same name, derived from the same Hebrew root of the word “salvation” as documented in Zechariah 6:11 and Ezra 3:2. ­The same priest writes in Ezra, “Yeshua son of Yozadak” while writing in Zechariah “Yehoshua son of Yohozadak.” ­The priest adds the holy abbreviation of God’s name, ho, in the father’s name Yozadak and in the name Yeshua….

When we told Rabbi Kaduri that his father’s official website (www.kaduri.net) had mentioned the Messiah note, he was shocked. “Oh no! That’s blasphemy. The people could understand that my father pointed to him [the Messiah of the Christians].”

David Kaduri confirmed, however, that in his last year, his father had talked and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming. “My father has met the Messiah in a vision,” he said, “and told us that he would come soon.”

Israel Today was given access to many of the rabbi's manuscripts, written in his own hand for the exclusive use of his students. Most striking were the cross-like symbols painted by Kaduri all over the pages. In the Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses. In fact, even the use of a plus sign is discouraged because it might be mistaken for a cross.

But there they were, scribbled in the rabbi's own hand. When we asked what those symbols meant, Rabbi David Kaduri said they were “signs of the angel." Pressed further about the meaning of the “signs of the angel," he said he had no idea. Rabbi David Kaduri went on to explain that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God and had met the Messiah in his dreams.

Orthodox Jews around the Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva told Israel Today a few weeks later that the story about the secret note of Rabbi Kaduri should never have come out, and that it had damaged the name the revered old sage.

With one of Israel’s most prominent rabbis indicating the name of the Messiah is Yeshua, it is understandable why his last wish was to wait one year after his death before revealing what he wrote.


Of course, neither Rabbi Kaduri nor his son David believed in the same Yeshua that we do, but nonetheless, the Rabbi bore witness to the truth. The problem is that even with genuine revelation, we will not understand it correctly if we have idols in our hearts, which interpret revelation according to the desires of our heart.

May I also remind you that God speaks to non-Christians as well as Christians. Prophecy can come from any source, even donkeys (Numbers 22:28). Caiaphas also prophesied (John 11:49-51). This does not mean that they understood their prophecies. Understanding is a whole different issue. Caiaphas obviously did not know that he had prophesied, nor would he have agreed with John’s assessment. As for Rabbi Kaduri, I do not know which Yeshua he had in mind. Though he seems have had some obsession with crosses, his other statements do not seem to indicate that he was a secret Christian believer. Certainly, he had idols in his heart, which would have skewed his understanding.

Nonetheless, he did prophesy of the death of Ariel Sharon and linked his death to a regional war, which he believed would result in the defeat of those coming against Jerusalem. Obviously, he did not understand Isaiah 29:1-6, where God fights against Jerusalem and sides with those coming against the city.

The fact that Sharon died on the last day of our Overcoming Resistance prayer campaign also speaks volumes. I will leave that for my next weblog, which I will write later today.

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