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Ron answers a question and explains further about Typhoon Haiyan

Dec 03, 2013

Dear Daily Planet,
You were mentioned in Stephen's Blog,

When we add in the fact that we were looking for a "contrary wind" ahead of time on Galilee as well as a "Peter" sign, wellllllll, what can we say? Add in the fact that the news articles stated that the sustained winds were 195mph, with gusts to 235 mph (when man first called upon the name of the Lord in Genesis).  

Could you please explain what you meant by this??
Dear Sir,

I can certainly appreciate your question regarding what these numbers mean and where did they come from.

In an article from USA Today, they report that sustained wind speeds reached 195 mph, with gusts up to 235 mph. These figures made it the most powerful typhoon/hurricane in history. The previous record sustained wind speed was 190 mph from Hurricane Camille in 1969.

So, what do these numbers have to do with the Bible?  To try and answer these questions without confusing you even more, we'll attempt to provide some explanation of the Biblical stories of the feeding of the 100 men by Elisha and the 5,000 men by Jesus. Then we'll go back to a brief synopsis of a conversation that Steve and I had a week before he left on the Philippines trip last month. 

Because Steve was asked to provide the funding to "feed a hundred men", this appeared to be an almost certain "hidden reference" to the 9th sign of Elisha, as found in 2Kings 4:42-44, where the prophet literally feeds a hundred men with only 20 barley loaves and some very ripe "Nebraska CORN huskers." At least one of them may have been an ancestor of that now famous Cornhusker named Richie Incognito. I dunno.

In any event, this miracle marks the beginning of Elisha's "double portion" anointing because he now performs his first miracle beyond the 8 miracles that were performed by Elijah, his forerunner. Remember, Elisha was promised a "double portion" of what Elijah had and that's exactly what he got. That's why Elisha would eventually have 16 miracles and the 16th one came after he was dead and buried! Recall that an "unknown one" was tossed onto Elisha's grave and it caused this man to be literally raised from the dead.

So, how does Elisha's 9th miracle connect to Jesus' feeding of the 5,000? Well, Jesus Himself said on a couple of occasions that John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah. And it just so happened that John's head was cutoff right before Jesus fed the 5,000, as recorded in Matthew 14:1-12. So we have a parallel picture with Elijah giving way to Elisha and John giving way to Jesus. And in both cases, the first miracle is a miraculous feeding with barley loaves, aka firstfruits.

In Jesus' case, the feeding of the 5,000 is immediately followed by He and Peter walking on the water. Please read the account in Matthew 14:22-33 and note that Jesus directed the disciples to get in a ship and to go before him unto the "other side". Jesus then goes into a mountain to pray by Himself when evening comes. Genesis tells us that the new day always begins in "the evening".

Meanwhile the disciples are in the ship in "the midst of the sea" and a contrary wind comes up on Galilee. Because I equate Galilee with our heart, the wave action on Galilee is a type and shadow of the "wave action" in our hearts if an ekg were to be taken while we are emotionally experiencing fear. It's been said that emotions are really energy in motion and thus the emotion of fear causes ekg "waves" to spike, versus a consistent, calm, wave action when one is at peace.

Now comes the next important part. Verse 25 tells us that it was the 4th watch of the night when Jesus came walking on the "sea" (could this be the sea of humanity?). The Hebrews observed four watches during the night, beginning with 6 p.m.-9 p.m. and followed by 9-midnight, midnight-3am and finally 3-6am And as the old saying goes, it's always darkest before the dawn.

Because of a personal experience during the Feast of Tabernacles in early October 1996, it occurred to me that in some future year, there would be a "walking on the water" experience in the 4th quarter of that calendar year because not only is this the darkest quarter, (least amount of sunlight) but the "darkest day of the year" occurs in this quarter as well, on December 21. Thus, with the other details already mentioned, seeming to line up as well, it seemed as though this might be the year, since November is in the 4th quarter.

Next we see that the disciples thought that Jesus was a spirit and they cried out in fear. Is Jesus going to appear in Spirit form this time around? With the recent typhoon, it appears that He already has, at least prophetically speaking. We may well see something else in regard to this 4th quarter/watch thing before the end of December. Time will tell. At the very least, 2014 is shaping up to be the start of major change. It may no longer be "business as usual." 

And then we have Peter's famous walk on the water until the "boisterous wind" causes him to lose faith and begin to sink until Jesus lifts him out of the water. And when they got into the ship the "wind ceased". The account in Matthew then closes with the disciples acknowledging that Jesus truly is the Son of God.

The other three gospels each record the feeding of the 5,000 with their own details, while Luke is the only gospel that does not mention the walking on water incident. We would like to mention one particular detail of this whole event that is only addressed in John 6:21, as follows; Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went. 

Recall that earlier we mentioned that the ship was in the midst of the sea when Jesus and Peter got into the boat. Based on the context of the whole story, the word "immediately" in John 6:21 can very reasonably be interpreted as "instantly". This certainly conjures up thoughts about the ship and passengers perhaps going through a portal of some sort; sort of the original version of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Okay then, now we'll summarized the conversation that Steve and I had a week before he and Darla left for the Philippines. Once Steve explained the connection of Elisha's 100 men to Jesus' 5,000 men, the walk on the water event entered the discussion. The details of this story have been a focal point of mine for many years and thus it was felt that Lake Sebu, the location where the feeding of the 100 men was scheduled to take place, had to have some connection to Galilee.

While we were talking, Steve discovered that Lake Sebu was 360 hectares in size which was an immediate Galilee connection for me since Galilee means circle/circuit, with its 360 degree association. 

Next we were looking for a Peter sign and the following day Steve posted the meaning of Sebu as "walking in the water". See his daily blog for further details. 

Then we discussed the need for a "contrary wind" sign. It never entered either of our minds that the mother of all "contrary winds" would manifest.

Finally, the detail about the ship being "immediately" at its landing port was briefly pondered, with no clue as to how that might appear.

Regarding these four points, Steve has already discussed the fulfillment of the first three quite extensively in his weblogs. This brings us to the 4th detail and takes us "full circle" to your question about the meaning/purpose of the 195 and 235 numbers that were the sustained and maximum wind speeds of this very unique contrary wind.

Simply put, this reporter has long had a splinter in his mind about our Father's phonetic connection between the sign of Jonah and the sine of Jonah. This seemed to be quite important since the only sign/sine given to an evil and adulterous generation would be the sign of Jonah. Furthermore, Jesus makes it crystal clear in Matthew 12:40, that the sign/sine of Jonah of being three days and three nights in the "belly" of the whale, would be the equivalent to the Son of man being three days and three nights in the "heart of the earth".

Eventually this writer came to believe that the "sine" of Jonah was 19.5 (degrees) and that this number is quite possibly connected to hyper-dimensional physics, or what might be called a "door, or portal" from and/or to a another realm/frequency. Thus it was amazing to read in the attached article that the sustained wind speeds reached this exact number. It is also understood that a later adjustment increased the sustained speed to 196 mph. It doesn't change the fact that the original report, in real time, was recorded as 195. 

This writer has also stated that Jonah was a member of the Navy, since he came out of a submarine vessel. Furthermore, said vessel was thought to be a sperm whale because Jesus is called the seed (spiritually speaking) in the New Testament and the Greek word for seed is sperma. Phonetically speaking Jonah/Jesus' rank would naturally be assumed to be a seaman of the first class. Note in the news article below that this report came from the U.S. Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

A brief review of the Super Bowl report way back in February of this year reveals that the game was played in New Orleans, which the writer of that report repeatedly referred to as Nineveh. It was further reported that three days prior to the Super Bowl, a large portion of sperm whale vomit was found on a beach in England.

(See link for Super Bowl Report at end of this response)

Who knew that there is something about whale vomit that is very valuable?
Now let's take and put this symbolism inside of our hearts because that is where Christ, the seed of Abraham, came to lay. Let's also recall that Jesus Christ is the Ark of the Covenant, or the only place where sins could be forgiven. Since He is in each heart of our temples, then each of our hearts are the Holy of Holies in each of our temples.

Let's go back again to our Galilee/heart connection and see that Part 7 of the Super Bowl Report details the connection to Galilee with the heart of man. 

Once we see this connection clearly, then it is reasonable to apply what happened in the walking on water incident as also taking place in our hearts. This includes the apparent inter-dimensional travel itinerary that takes place once Jesus and Peter arrive in the ship in the midst of the sea, with its attendant 19.5 sine of Jonah. Since Jesus Christ is the ark of the covenant, is it possible that it is no accident that the square surface area of the ark's six sides, as detailed in Exodus 25:10 total to exactly 19.5 square cubits. Is your heart the portal location where Christ will first appear and then creation will become very happy that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34)? This last detail was discovered a few years ago by one of our fellow field reporters of really good news.

Because the overall explanation of the sine of Jonah is fairly detailed, it is asked, for now at least, that you would simply "take my word" that said sign is 19.5.

Finally, we will briefly examine the Biblical connection to the highest wind speed of 235 mph. This number is found in Genesis 5:5-6, where we see that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born. Seth then lived 105 years and bore Enos. This total of 235 years from Adam to Enos is important because of Genesis 4:26, which says that when Enos was born that men began to "call upon the name of the Lord". This is very obscure and just kind of sits there, waiting for further understanding. Because our Lord is so precise with numbers, it seems probable to this writer that the maximum recorded speed of this typhoon is connected to Genesis 4:26.

Finally, speaking of typhoons/hurricanes, all such storms that manifest in the northern hemisphere, spawn wind directions that flow counterclockwise. Again, because of a personal experience several years ago, it is believed that this direction is analogous to the "reverse of the curse". The ultimate manifestation of the reverse is the overcoming of death. Is this the ultimate destination that will happen in the future when we look back at Haiyan as a starting point? I dunno. Time will tell.

Hope this helps kind sir.


Editor of the Daily Planet
You will find the continuation to each part of the report at the bottom of each page of the report.

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