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Preparations for the Dallas Trip

Dec 03, 2013

I probably won’t post a regular weblog today, as I am making preparations to go to Dallas for the conference this week end. It looks like the weather will be interesting. We got snow last night, and are due for another six inches by tomorrow here in Minneapolis.

There are some very important events happening here and around the world. It appears that we crossed a major threshold on Nov. 30/Dec. 1. I have reported what I can from the prophetic standpoint, but as for the actual outworking of these things, I can see from the bits and pieces of information that I receive, that major events will be emerging in the next few months. A lot of it involves the Philippines, which is turning out to be one of the most important countries in the world, relative to the downfall of Babylon at the hands of the kings of the east.

Certainly, the recent signs that have manifested in the Philippines now explain these world events. So I will be sharing more background history in the days and weeks ahead.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones