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Coments on November 30 events

Dec 02, 2013

Now that our watch date of November 29/30 has passed, it is clear that the date had an unexpected fulfillment. I showed in an earlier article that the history of November 30 has to do primarily with the transfer of authority.

In earlier years during the 1980’s this date was obscure, because we saw only the early signs setting us up for this transfer of authority. So I did not pay much attention to it, other than to record it in my notes for the future.

Then in 1987, we moved to Memphis, TN on November 29, 1987, setting the pattern for “going to Egypt.” The next two years are what I called “my Egyptian bondage experience.” Then on November 29, 1989 I received a telephone call from a friend from the past, who tracked me down and offered me a job back in Arkansas. The date then proved to be the start of our move out of prophetic “Egypt,” culminating on January 27, 1990, when we physically moved from Memphis to Leachville, AR.

I had already seen three previous patterns of events, where things that began on November 29/30 would end in January 27-30.

In 1993 we held the Jubilee Prayer Campaign from Nov. 21-29. The timing of the prayer campaign was 46 years from the same dates in 1947 when the United Nations debated the Palestinian Resolution. (It was passed on Nov. 29, 1947.) This 46-year cycle (John 2:20) was the time that the Israelis were given to “build the temple,” that is, to build the spiritual temple that God required of those holding the birthright. They failed to do so in that allotted time, so we took the case to the Divine Court in 1993 on behalf of the overcomers, petitioning God to give the birthright to the overcomers. This represented the transfer of authority from Edom to Israel, since the Jewish state was established because of Isaac’s promise to Esau-Edom.

See The Struggle for the Birthright.

In 1996 the Coronation Stone was transferred from London to Edinburgh, Scotland. As I have said, this signified the transfer of authority from the princes of men to the saints of the Most High, according to the pattern of Daniel 7:22, 27.

In 2000, we saw another “stone” theme when we went to the “House on the Rock” in Wisconsin for a prophetic gathering. On November 29 we decreed the overthrow of old Jerusalem, even as King David had overthrown the city in 2 Samuel 5:5-7. The next day we decreed the establishment of the Kingdom with the New Jerusalem as its capital city. Once again, this was about the transfer of authority from the old to new Jerusalem.

In 2011, I was led to construct a scale model of the Great Pyramid, which represents the Body of Christ. I finished it on November 29 and then placed the capstone on it the next day, November 30, at Harvestime Global Ministries (where it is today).

In 2012, we went to Dallas, Tx for a conference at a church where there is a pyramid over the area where the congregation is seated. The conference was held November 30 to December 2. Prophetic events occurred at that time, which made me realize that we were to watch the same time period a year later (2013).

Paul Crouch

On November 30, 2013 we saw the two Pauls die. Paul Crouch died after founding Trinity Broadcasting Network forty years ago in 1973. A few hours later, Paul Walker died at the age of forty. He starred in Fast and Furious, and died in a high-speed car wreck. (Perhaps he should have “walked.”)

It seems that neither of them lived up to their name. The recent scandals that plagued Paul Crouch, especially over his alleged homosexual tryst with Lonnie Brown,


followed by his $425,000 payoff to silence him, followed by Brown’s book telling of the incident and then offering Paul Crouch the rights to the book for $10 million in 2003, followed by the family feud over the misuse of ministry money in 2011,


which eventually led to Paul’s resignation from TBN on October 10, 2011.


Paul Crouch, then, does not seem to have lived up to his name from a prophetic point of view. Saul became Paul when he left his “former manner of life in Judaism” (Galatians 1:13). He was able to transfer his citizenship from the old Jerusalem to the New by repentance and a change in his way of life. In doing so, he became a type of David, rather than of Saul.

But Paul Crouch was a Christian Zionist, much like so many others today, and by supporting the old Jerusalem, he remained a Saul rather than a Paul. Thus, his death is like the death of Saul, after his 40-year religious broadcasting empire began in 1973. It is like a latter-day microcosm of the 40-Jubilee reign of Pentecost from 33 to 1993. When “Saul” died on Pentecost, May 30, 1993, it marked the start of the transfer of authority from Saul to David, or from Pentecost to Tabernacles.

What is interesting is that 2 Samuel 5:5 tells us that the transfer of authority took place in two stages 7 ½ years apart. We understood this to indicate that the full authority would be given to “David” on November 30, 2000, which is when we made the decree at the House on the Rock. This greater measure of authority allowed us to complete the 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign ending in 2006.

It is almost uncanny, then, that Paul Crouch would die precisely 13 years later (2000-2013), almost as if the Jubilee Prayer Campaign had two beginning points.


The link between the two is the 7 ½ year transition from May 30, 1993 to Nov. 30, 2000.

We have often seen more than one beginning point, followed by more than one end point in the way God has worked in the earth. He obviously does that to provide us with a double witness, so that we can know that these things are for real. The downside is that this also makes the stories more complex. It would be easier to understand if it remained simple. But this is not my story, so I can only report what I see Him do.

Paul Walker

As for Paul Walker, it appears that he has provided the double witness to these prophetic events, except that he did not seem to live up to his surname: Walker. His role in Fast and Furious, followed by his death in a high-speed car accident, seems to indicate that he should have done more walking. Of course, the prophecy in this probably has little or nothing to do with his personal character, as far as I know. I know nothing of his private life.

It also seems bizarre that he had just attended a charity event for victims of super-typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines “fast and furious.” He died in a Porsche, which is said to be the fastest car in the world. This one goes 197 mph.


Haiyan had the highest sustained wind speed of any typhoon to hit land at 195 mph.

It seems to connect November 30 with our recent mission trip to the Philippines and thus also to the events at Lake Sebu on November 14.


According to a statement posted on his Twitter account, Walker, 40, was attending a charity event to aid Filipino victims of Typhoon Haiyan for his organization Reach Out Worldwide, formed in 2010 as a quick-response first-aid organization.

“It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide,” the statement said. “He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news.”

Comet ISON

Comet ISON was pronounced dead upon arrival at the sun. Then it emerged brightly on the other side but having two tails (double portion). Astronomers cheered and said it had been raised from the dead.

But then by the next day ISON vaporized and disappeared. Astronomers were disappointed and called it “a second death,” but I see this as an Ascension in a cloud. Acts 1:9 says, “a cloud received Him out of their sight.”

Watch it on video here:


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