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Texas Conference Dec. 6-8, 2013 (flyer)

Nov 16, 2013


Make Your Plans To Attend The

5th Annual Lone Star Bible Conference
The Gospel of God’s Kingdom is taught here!
 December 6th through 8th, 2013
at the DFW Airport Hotel in Irving, TX

Praise and Worship (Manna-fest)
Be sure to be here as we sing unto the LORD, entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  This always sets the tone for the meeting as we join in unity with our voices, our spirits are lifted and we are bound together and prepared for the meat of God’s Word that will be coming from our speakers.
Featured Speakers
Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries, Fridley, Minnesota
Providing serious Bible teaching in order to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of God and what He is doing in the earth today.  You will find his teachings to be insightful, profound and life changing.  Stephen is no doubt the best Bible Teacher in the country and his web site is set up for “Serious Bible Study”.  Some of the topics include the Kingdom of God, God’s Law, spiritual training, restoration of all things, church history, Sonship, prophecy based on God’s Law of timing and time cycles, the migrations of true Israel, and many, many more.
Harmon Taylor, J.D., Legal Reality of Dallas, Texas - [email protected]
Harmon has degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Law; however, he resigned from the State Bar of Texas in 2003.  He has a been computer programmer, a consulting engineer with NASA, an author, and is currently involved in the OKC bombing (Where is the truck?) and 9/11 inside job activities.  As a “licensed” minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom, Harmon brings a challenging, thought provoking, and analytical perspective of Scripture to spiritual (true) Israel.
Diane Padilla - Questa, New Mexico
Was the senior pastor of The Living Word Ministries for 18 years.  God gave her a dream and a vision to leave the church so she resigned in 2005 and immediately began to teach Bible studies in her home and continues to do to this date.  Diane was married to Juan Padilla (now deceased) for 20 years and has two daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She has studied under the ministries of Dr. Stephen Jones and Dr. James Bruggerman for the last 13 years.
Mark Eaton, Recovering All… - Dallas, Texas - www.sigler.org/recoveringall
Developed a prophetic perspective through the study of the Bible and experiencing the move and renewal of the Holy Spirit.  After a transforming experience with the Holy Spirit, he began to see words differently and to search and study Koine Greek.  This led him to the study of divine patterns of types and shadows.  The Hidden treasures began to be revealed over the last few years through his study in Hebrew.  The Stronghold of God began to be revealed as he examined the biblical text.  He operates in the prophetic and sees the biblical text in a whole new way.  He and his wife host conferences throughout the United States, awakening the body of Christ to truth and connecting them to the Father’s heart as they proclaim the restoration of all.  Mark has combined the Linguistics of the Sovereignty of God, the nature and function of the Law, Sonship, the comfort of God, Judgment and the origin of evil.  Mark currently lives in Dallas, Texas.
Debi Fields - Altus, Oklahoma
Debi Fields is a long time Bible student and disciple of Christ.  Called out of organized Christianity in 1994, she has spent many years searching, researching and studying the symbols, types, patterns, repetitions, allegories and metaphors in both the Word and the world.  Her current focus is on the identification, condition and role of America in the plan and prophecies of God.  Although her spirit resides in the heavenly realms, her natural residence on earth at this time is Altus, Oklahoma.
Note: Thomas Rolland will not be able to attend due to starting a new job and working the entire weekend.
Praise and Worship Leader – Larren Smoot
Soundman and conference recording – Richard Limardo
Music by Free Water:  consisting of Larren Smoot, Richard Limardo, Zuri Zarate, and others as they join in.
James Wright of the Tyler area, East Texas, will lead off the “Lone Star” conference on Friday
James plays a unique style of Gospel music in the traditional Texas and Western music style.  His style is a blend of old-time, western and swing music.  He is also a songwriter and plays original gospel songs in the authentic Texas and Western style.  He grew up in the church where his parents sang and played much of the traditional all-night Singing Convention church music, which was an up-tempo, foot tapping, rhythmic style of gospel music, which has been lost in gospel music today.  His music is a fresh approach to our past traditions while bringing new material to the tradition as a songwriter with current day subject matter.  Now he regularly plays gospel venues and is especially dedicated to the Cowboy Church movement that is sweeping America.
Texas Conference Schedule
                                         Not Set in Stone
     Time                                 Friday                              Saturday                   Sunday
  8:00 -  9:00                            Registration
  9:00 -  9:30       Music           James Wright              Free Water                  Free Water
                                           Richard Limardo - Prayer
  9:30 - 10:30                          Rick Brand                   Mark Eaton                 Larren Smoot
                                                                                                                            Praise and Worship
10:30 - 11:30                           Diane Padilla               Debi Fields                  Stephen Jones
11:30 -  1:30                            Lunch                           Lunch                           Lunch
                                                 Fellowship                   Fellowship                 Fellowship
  1:30 -  2:00       Music           James Wright              Free Water                  Free Water
  2:00 -  3:00                            James Wright              Diane Padilla               Mark Eaton
  3:00 -  4:00                            Harmon Taylor            Stephen Jones             Harmon Taylor
  4:00 -  5:00                            Stephen Jones             Open Microphone       Q & A with Speakers
                                            Philippines Trip Report
  5:00 -  7:30                            Dinner                               Dinner                         The End
                                               Fellowship                          Fellowship                   Goodbyes
  7:30 -  8:00       Music       James Wright                     Free Water
  8:00 -  9:00               Debi Fields                Harmon Taylor
Lone Star Bible Conference - Update
Scheduled for the first weekend of December; the 6th through the 8th, at
the DFW Airport Hotel in Irving, Texas.
There will not be any fee charged for attendance; it is free to all.
We will accept free will offerings or donations and provide a donation box.
Please keep in mind that there are expenses incurred to put on a conference.
In this case we, that is some of us individually as there is no church or organization sponsoring the conference, have to pay upfront (out of pocket) for the meeting room, projector and screen rental and some miscellaneous costs like name tags, etc., for a total of about $1,500.00.
Additionally, our speakers are not paid to speak so any financial help given directly to each of them individually would be greatly appreciated by them.  Three of them are coming from out of state so they will incur travel and logging expenses in rout and hotel costs here for four nights
On another note: A breakfast buffet is available at the hotel for $4.00.  Normal food items will be served including bacon and sausage; Turkey bacon and sausage will be available for those of us that do not eat pork.
The hotel is near to the Fairfield Inn, the hotel some folks stayed at for last year’s conference at FCC.  It is also near the Aspin Creek restaurant next door.
DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center
4440 W. Airport Freeway (Hwy 183), Irving, Texas 75062
If you are planning to stay at the hotel and have not made your room reservations, yet I recommend that you do so promptly.
When making reservations please refer to the “Lone Star Bible Conference”.  Room rate is $55.00 for a room with a king bed and $60.00 for a room with two double beds and, as usual, additional taxes for Babylon.  Refer to the hotel’s website for all details.
On-site parking is free.  There is a complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, complimentary high-speed internet access in all guestrooms and in the meeting space.  The Circle Spur Restaurant (reasonably priced) is only open for dinner from 5pm to 11pm.  Additionally there are allot of restaurants in the general area for meals.
For additional information contact:
The Kingdom Workman
Rick Brand @ 940-395-1658

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