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News From The Philippines

Nov 08, 2013

There is great news from the Philippines. We heard from Dr. Jones this morning letting us know that all is well with He and Darla in the Philippines. Following are the two messages we received via Oovoo which is like Skype.

Stephen Jones:  (1:20 AM)  
Hi. We are in Davao. The wedding will be in a few minutes. No storm here. We are too far south. Just a nice breeze off the ocean to keep it cooler.

Stephen Jones:  (8:21 AM)  
Wedding finished. Tired. Pastors conference date moved up to thiteenth and fourteenth.

As seen by the time stamps the first message came in early this morning or very late last night after we had gone to bed trusting all was well. We were greatly relieved this morning to see both messages waiting for us.

Thank you all for your prayer and concern during this time. Amazing things ahead!

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