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Final preparations for the trip

Nov 04, 2013

We are making last-minute preparations for our trip to the Philippines, as we are scheduled to leave Tuesday morning.

My three sons will take care of all matters on the home front, taking care of the office work and guarding the house.

I do not know how often I will be able to post news while we are gone. When visiting people, my focus has to be on them. Sometimes internet connections can be sporadic. And I am still learning to use my new ipad, which some friends purchased for me at the recent Tabernacles conference. This is a new technology for me, but my computer learning curve tends to resemble the geography of The Great Plains.

I should be able to check emails occasionally, if all goes well, but again, my time will probably be limited most of the time.

We are expecting great things from this trip. We expect to see a major paradigm shift from Elijah to Elisha, and from Moses to Joshua. I have already written as much as I dare about this, but no doubt there will be much more to share after we see what direction the prophetic events have taken. There are many prophetic patterns to watch, some not suitable to mention ahead of time.

A big THANK-YOU to all who have sent extra financial support for this trip. I have not had time to thank each of you personally, but we do appreciate your help very much. Continue to pray for us as well, that the Holy Spirit will guide and protect us, and also fill those who come to hear the word.

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