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Early Philippine Trip Report and vision for the future

Nov 19, 2013

We left the Manila airport at 7:40 a.m. Monday and arrived in Minneapolis about 1:30 p.m. the same day, due to crossing the International Date Line somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

I am now trying to get caught up on all urgent matters and will give a full Philippine Trip Report later this week. The trip went very well, and we accomplished all that we had planned and more.

When we arrived in Manila, Super-Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda, as it was known in the Philippines) was bearing down on the country. We took the last flight out of Manila at 9:00 p.m. going to Davao in the far south of the country, and flew over the Typhoon a few hours before it made landfall. (The eye came ashore at Tacloban at 4:40 a.m.) We did not notice any real effects of the typhoon in Davao, other than seeing a little rain and a nice breeze to keep things cooler. But rain happens all the time, so we were not sure if this was actually part of the typhoon system or not.

Even so, Pastor Felipe called the airport and was told that all flights had been cancelled, so he assumed we were stuck in Manila and was not there to meet us at the airport. We took a taxi to the hotel with no problem and saw him the next morning. His daughter's wedding was later that afternoon (at the hotel). I will post pictures in the report later.

The Lake Sebu conference also went very well. A group of 14 pastors and teachers hired a bus and travelled all night to attend. We saw all the signs that the ninth sign of Elisha came to pass, so we are confident that November 14 marks the date of the crossover into the double portion. However, as with the eighth sign, there is obviously a delay between the prophetic fulfillment and seeing it emerge in the world.

Recall that the eighth sign occurred prophetically when we went to the headwaters of the Mississippi River on July 9, 2010,  and then we saw the results when the Gulf oil spill was capped 144 hours later (i.e., 6 days) on July 15.

This time, the ninth sign was prophetically done in Lake Sebu the night of November 14, or early morning the same day here in the USA. It is interesting that the online dinar reports are saying that the Iraqi dinar revalued at $3.44 IN IRAQ on November 14. One reporter ("Mountain Goat") wrote this morning: 

As most should now know the final revaluation did occur in Iraq yesterday [i.e., Nov. 18] and at a rate of $3.44. Actually the revaluation technically did occur late last Thursday [i.e., Nov. 14] and we should have been moving forward on an activation in USA of our rates by now.

However, as usual, there are snags in the process in Iraq side and files were not updated as expected with correct rates. So it had to be corrected, thus a brief delay.

The reports say that the Iraqi people now hold a more valuable currency within the country, and that the people began depositing their large notes in the banks yesterday, the day we arrived back in Minneapolis. They also say the dinar will become tradable internationally as soon as its value increases to from $3.44 up to $3.87 per dinar, and then those holding dinar worldwide can do the currency exchanges at banks everywhere.

In my view, I think it is more likely that this will take a bit longer to affect those outside of Iraq. We seem to be following the pattern from 1996 when the Coronation Stone was moved from London to Edinburgh. I recorded this story in The Wars of the Lord, chapter 15. The stone represented the divine right to rule being passed from the princes of this world to the saints of the Most High.

In the days of Jeremiah and Daniel, the right to rule the earth was taken from the kings of Judah and given to the kings of this world. First it was Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and later the kings of Persia, Greece, and Rome, and finally the "little horn" of Daniel 7:20. The Little Horn ruled 1480 years beginning in 529-533 A.D., and ended in 2009-2013. (I explained this in the last two Deuteronomy weblogs.)

In 1996 we were given revelation about the transfer of authority from the long line of world kings to the saints of the Most High. Part of that revelation included the dates of November 14-30, as shown by the time it took to bring the Stone from London to Edinborough. It seems likely that this also prophesied of the ninth sign of Elisha, where the saints are given the double portion, that is, the final eight of the sixteen signs of Elisha.

Seeing the 1480 year cycle is a major revelation, as it brings us to 2009-2013. Recall that the numeric value of "Christ" is 1480, and that Jesus Christ was crucified at the 1480th Passover since Israel left Egypt. The number has to do with the work of Christ in setting the people free, first from Egypt and then from the power of sin at the cross. Likewise, the fulfillment of Pentecost in Acts 2 occurred on the 1480th Pentecost since God came down on Mount Sinai and spoke the 10 Commandments. This is where the Church was crowned and given authority to rule the earth.

In 529-533 A.D. the "little horn" (religious Rome, i.e., the church) began to rule, when the Roman Emperor Justinian abolished Roman law and replaced it with Church Law. 1480 years from 529 is the year 2009, when the Elisha ministry was established (April 12, 2009) and the first eight signs of Elisha began. Now we are seeing the start of the last eight signs, beginning November 14, 2013, with a possible transition to November 30.

I have no doubt that this is truly a great transition of divine authority. The so-called "Time of the Gentiles" is now completed, and the rulers of this world are now being replaced by the saints of the Most High as Daniel predicted in Daniel 7:22, 27. To me, this is the most important historical event in nearly 2,000 years.

With this transfer of the divine right to rule comes the funding to make this possible. It launches the second work of Christ that will soon see the greatest outpouring of the Spirit the world has ever seen. We do not yet know how long it will take for this outpouring to prepare the way for Christ's second coming and the full establishment of His Kingdom on earth, but right now that does not concern us.

The good news is that we are at the start of a whole new era in world history. We have labored for many years in intercession and spiritual warfare to prepare for this day and to receive the revelation about what to do in the years ahead. For this reason, we do not have to scramble to put together plans for the future. We already know what to do and have begun to make key contacts around the world. The Philippines appears to be the first place where we will establish a presence, specifically on Mindanao, "the Promised Land."

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