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Approval ratings for Democrats falling

Nov 02, 2013

After eight years of George Bush's war-and-torture ideology, the people turned to Democrat Barack Obama, who promised "change."

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Guantanamo is still open. Torture has moved to ships on the high seas, safely away from prying eyes. The war in Afghanistan continues. He also has the unfortunate luck to be president when whistleblowers and leakers reveal the extent of Big Brother watching every move we make and everything we say via the NSA. While that was set up by George Bush largely through the so-called Patriot Act, this policy too has continued with Obama's blessing.

Republicans are not concerned about Obama's role as Bush, Jr. Jr. After all, they supported these policies and are likely to continue to do so. But Democrats are becoming disillusioned with their own party. Independent voters, who joined the Democrats after being sickened by the Bush administration, are shifting back toward the Republican side as well, since there seems to be no real difference between the parties in that regard.

Then there is the Obamacare debacle. Even Jay Leno, a flaming liberal, has been attacking Obamacare with a vengeance. The people pay little attention to Senator Bloodhound Boehner, with his sad eyes and droopy countenance, but they do listen to the bright, humorous eyes of Jay Leno.

So why is it such a surprise to find Obama's popularity dropping in the polls? After all, he has adopted the same unpopular Police State policies of his predecessor.

The ultra-Liberal "Mother Jones" published a recent report showing how Democrat incumbents are dropping in the polls, while Republican numbers are rising in preparation for next year's mid-term election.


In Democratic districts, net incumbent approval has plummeted by 11 points, from 8 approval to 3 disapproval. In Republican districts, incumbent approval has gone down only 4 points. You see the same results when they ask a question about warmth of feeling toward incumbents: It's down 7 points in Republican districts and 9 points in Democratic districts.

This isn't good news for Democrats. It's true that attitudes toward the Republican Party have taken a bigger hit than attitudes toward the Democratic Party, but attitudes toward actual incumbents are exactly the opposite. And in elections, that's what matters.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones