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Watch dates in October

Oct 05, 2013

The US budget deficit runs over 40% of revenues, so when the government cannot agree to raise the debt limit, government spending drops by the amount of the deficit. This means a partial shutdown of government operations. What we are witnessing is the type of government we would have if it actually lived within its means with a balanced budget.

That is what is happening now. The problem is made worse, however, because the Obama administration has given orders to make this shutdown as painful as possible, knowing that the Republicans will be blamed for the shutdown. So they have closed parks which require no personnel to guard, oversee, or maintain--and hence, cost nothing to keep open. Such as the WW2 Veterans Memorial Park in Washington.

Congress, dominated by Republicans, did its job by passing a budget. The Senate, dominated by Democrats, turned it down, forcing the government  to shut down. Blame is laid, depending on one's partisan viewpoint.

It seems quite possible that this will prove to be the end of Babylon as we know it. After all, October 7, 2013 is precisely seven years after the last bowls of water and wine were poured out at Babylon, New York in 2006. There we spoke the final word, "It is done" (Revelation 16:17). This was the word which caused me to inform people at the conference the following week that we would see a financial collapse within the next year. This happened, beginning in the summer of 2007 with the subprime mortgage crisis.

So we now find ourselves seven years later with still no economic recovery. The system has been on massive life-support for seven years, kept alive only by massive monetary drug infusions into Uncle Sam's veins and an iron lung to keep him breathing. The vast increase in the money supply (and hence, the debt) has not solved the foundational issues inherent in the fiat money system of Mystery Babylon. The Fed's "solutions" have only postponed the problem and made the collapse worse when it finally happens.

I wonder if this present crisis will be used to steal the rest of the retirement funds that have not already been stolen. Oh, no, these funds are not really stolen. The thief put an IOU in the strongbox after taking the money. So technically, it was just a forced loan. But when the thief defaults on the loan, the retirement funds are the ones who lose their money.

The danger that we face today is a default on the Treasury Bonds that come due October 17, ten days after our next serious Watch Date (Oct. 7). October 17, 1989 was the date of the San Francisco 7.1 Richter earthquake during the World Series.

Perhaps we should also watch October 19, because back in 1987 this was the date of the 22% drop in the stock market, as the Dow crashed 509 points.

Whatever happens, it is clear that the government shutdown and the looming fiscal crisis on October 17 may well turn into a major event. While many think that congress will come to some kind of agreement with the white house and avert a default on the bonds, the timing of this makes me think that we will indeed default.

If that happens, watch for another major stock market crash. Some are predicting a drop of 4,000 points this month. It is a virtual certainty that if the default occurs, then the market will crash heavily. So be watchful.

If the worst happens, then we should view events in the light of the seven-year cycle and the final decree against Mystery Babylon on October 7, 2006, "It is done." The next verse, Revelation 16:18, links this event to a "great earthquake, such as there had not been since man came to be upon the earth." This might be a physical earthquake, but it is more likely a political, financial, or religious earthquake.

As events unfold and become clearer, I will comment further when I can. Just understand for the moment that we may very well be coming into some very momentous events in the downfall of Mystery Babylon.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones