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Revelation and Preparation for the Philippine Trip

Oct 28, 2013

The past few days have produced a significant amount of revelation, showing the importance of the upcoming trip to the Philippines. Some portions will have to wait until afterward, because I will probably not understand it fully until I see some things for myself, but there is much that can be shared now.

It is clear now that we are seeing a shift in the ministry work itself as we move from national to international. In the past, the normal pattern showed that when the work involved prophetic things, intercession, or spiritual warfare, I was always required to pay some sort of price or make some kind of personal sacrifice. God required me to have some “skin in the game,” as they say. But this upcoming Philippine trip is different in that others have stepped forward as a body and have paid for all our expenses.

Those who contribute to a project (financially and prayerfully) are partakers of it. In other words, it is as if they are in me doing whatever work needs to be done. I am only a representative. In the past, many have contributed toward expenses, but yet it always cost me something as well. This time, however, even the least expense has been covered, some in quite dramatic fashion.

It appears that we have arrived at a turning point, where I feel like I am fully integrated into a body ministry. On one hand, I know that I represent Christ in heaven, but also represent the body of Christ on earth. It is almost a strange feeling and hard to explain.

Dr. Jack Jacobsen asked me to teach on Friday evening at his home meeting nearby. At the end of the meeting, they laid hands on Darla and me to commission us for this Philippine trip. I thought it significant also that a brother from Iran was there participating in this commission. He was an artist and University art teacher, now retired. He had become a believer in Tehran in 1955 when Jesus descended through the ceiling and revealed Himself, showing him the scars in His hands.

The Father showed me in 1986 that I was called to go someday to minister in Iran. So I figure I am immortal until then.

The Call to the Wall

On Saturday, October 26, I spent all day at other prophetic meetings at a nearby church facility that was being used by the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network as they make their way down the Mississippi River from the headwaters to New Orleans. They are setting up meetings in various cities along the way and stopped in this area over the week end.

There were about 70 people in attendance, all mature in spiritual things with various gifts and callings. It is always nice to fellowship with others who understand the prophetic and can appreciate how God works with signs and wonders to confirm His word.

The sheet they gave to us was headlined, “Call to the Wall.” I saw immediately that in 2011 we tore down the walls of Jericho in “Operation Jericho.” In 2012 we were led to rebuild and repair the walls of the New Jerusalem, according to the pattern of Nehemiah. Now in 2013 we are seeing the “Call to the Wall” to maintain what has been built.

The group doing the work is led by James Nesbit, a prophetic artist with a genuine prophetic calling. His trip down the Mississippi appears to be building upon the work we did at the headwaters on July 9, 2010 (the eighth sign of Elisha). He has combined the prophetic with “a new sound” (of music) that is not performance based. It is designed to sing and speak over the waters as a prophetic act.

One of the group is a physicist who understands quantum physics. She showed pictures of Dr. Emoto’s discoveries, how words and music in the presence of water will actually change the shape and structure of the water molecules. He flash-freezes and photographs those water crystals. I have seen time lapse photography and have seen how the crystals grow in the presence of music. If you want to view some of the shapes of those water crystals reflecting certain words, go here:


A video showing an experiment:


In other words, be careful what you say in the presence of people, because they are mostly water, and your words will have an effect on the water in their bodies. Blessing people actually changes the water in their physical bodies. Such quantum science deals with the point of contact between spirit and matter.

James Nesbit had discerned that the present year (beginning last month) is the Hebrew Year of the Open Door. He looked at the Jewish calendar (Year 5774) and saw the 74 as ayin and dalet. (70 is the ayin in Hebrew; 4 is the dalet). The ayin means an eye that is open, while a dalet is a door.

This, of course, relates directly to the Philippine trip, as it appears to be one of the starting points for the thirty-year-old revelation about the Open Door Ministry. This refers to the international phase of ministry that I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, during the morning session last Saturday, we all came to the front of the church as a group to participate in the prayer/music/revelation. Revelation began to pour forth from many people about an open door (portal) through which the angels of God were descending and ascending. This was an obvious reference to Jacob’s experience at Bethel in Genesis 28:12.

But a computer problem had arisen, shutting down the projector that was to give us visual aids to the teaching. The computer said there was a problem with the filter, and somehow something had to be fixed on the high ceiling above us. So they sent for the maintenance man, and he arrived with the tall ladder about the time that the revelation about Jacob’s ladder had concluded. The man put the ladder up in our midst and climbed to the top.

When he came down, someone asked, “What’s your name?”

“Adonai,” he said. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this name/title, Ezekiel’s favorite term for God is Adonai Yahweh, often translated “The Lord God.”

Adonai appeared as a black man from Africa. My guess is that God looked around and could not find any local white boys by that name, so he sent one to us from Africa.

Anyway, many of you are familiar with the way God confirms His word with signs following. When we move in a prophetic realm, strange things tend to happen. In my book, The Wars of the Lord, I wrote of many such things that I have seen. In fact, in my early days of spiritual warfare in 1983, I noticed that my spiritual weapon of choice was a battle axe. I knew about the “sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God” (Ephesians 6:17), but I had to ask the Father, “What is a battle axe?”

Immediately, I heard the answer: “With signs following.” At the time, I did not really have much understanding about how this worked, but over the years I saw how God gave signs to confirm His word. Well, the ladder last Saturday was another good example of the kind of signs that occur to confirm a prophetic work.

During the meeting, we all participated in prophetic worship, which they called “a new sound.” Participation was accomplished not only by gathering together at the front, but also by picking up and using some kind of small instrument, either a plastic egg with sand in it, or two sticks, or two metal spoons to provide some percussion. It was not loud, but it was enough to bring focus and unity in participation.

I was given a plastic egg, and I noticed that a picture on it of a palm tree, a biblical symbol of authority, and also perhaps a reference to the Philippines.

The meetings ended at 6:00 pm, and afterward I had a chance to talk to James Nesbit. I told him that I felt as if this was my commission for the Open Door Ministry. (Friday night was the commission for specifically for the Philippine trip.) James was then led to give me two spoons (percussion instruments) to take to the Philippines.

As I have said many times, most prophecy is inadvertent. He did not know that this Philippine trip would bring me to a pastors conference where I was to feed 100 pastors, according to the ninth sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:43). Yet he gave me SPOONS, which, I know, prophesies of the ninth sign of Elisha.


A year ago I went on an eight-day green juice fast from November 6-13. I wrote about this at the time, even giving a summary of the eight signs of Elisha:


Toward the end of the report, I wrote:

“I was not expecting to go on this fast prior to the ninth sign actually becoming visible, but now I see that I am to reckon it accomplished. In the long term, I must now begin to prepare as if the funding for the Open Door ministry has arrived. I believe also that this funding will come in more than one way and from more than one source. I still believe that the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar will play a big role in this, but it is not necessarily the first on God’s list of priorities.”

My primary motive was to seek answers in regard to God’s provision for the Open Door Ministry. Specifically, I was asking about provision for the first Philippine trip in May and early June of 2013. I had been invited by Brother David to go with the Harvestime Church group, where I fellowship when we are not having our own meetings. Out of that time of prayer and fasting, the revelation came to reckon the money to be already provided.

So I agreed to go, and as most of you know, I went with them in late May and returned in early June of 2013. My trip report can be read here:


But in the past month, it occurred to me that my eight-day juice fast last November coincides with this year’s trip to the Philippines. I am scheduled to leave November 5 and return the 18th, with a pastors conference on November 14 and 15.

It is clear, then, that my juice fast last November 6-13 is more applicable to this current trip than the trip last May.

This explains why so many of you have helped to pay all of the expenses for this trip. A year ago I “reckoned” it to be accomplished. To reckon, by Paul’s definition, is to call what is not as though it were (Romans 4:17, KJV). God reckoned children to Abraham. Even so, Paul says, the righteousness of Christ is reckoned to us by faith (Romans 4:22-24). When we are able to “reckon,” we are, like Abraham, “fully assured that what He had promised, He was able also to perform” (Romans 4:21).

Weak faith is defined as a wish or desire for something to happen. Full mature faith, however, is a knowing and an assurance that we have it. While our faith is weak and developing, we must “pray through” until we get the answer. Once we know that we have heard from God, we are “fully assured.” That is the point of mature faith. The kind that moves mountains. Or feeds the multitude.

As Darla and I drove to the Harvestime meeting yesterday, we discussed how our trip expenses have been paid for by others, and how this seemed to be the result of last year’s revelation at the end of the eight-day juice fast about “reckoning it as accomplished.” When we got to the church, Kathy brought the teaching, since David is currently in South Korea on a mission trip. Kathy had received revelation that morning, “Reckon.” Hence, that was the topic of her exhortation and teaching.

Well, she had no idea that this was the topic of discussion between Darla and I just a few minutes earlier. But it was clear that this was the revelation of the day, and that Kathy was confirming this word to us. Today, she and others are boarding a plane to go to the Philippines as well. They will be ministering ahead of us. We will see them there, but they will return to Minnesota a few days after we arrive in the Philippines.

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