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Obama defies Netanyahu over Iran policy

Oct 03, 2013

Ever since the US government conceded defeat in trying to start a war with Syria, due to unprecedented resistence from the American public, it seems that peace is once again on the rise.

For the first time since 1979 a US president has talked to an Iranian president, at least in public.


President Barack Obama spoke with his Iranian counterpart, President Hassan  Rouhani, on the phone Friday afternoon, marking the first time leaders from the  two countries have spoken directly in more than three decades.

Their exchange comes as both countries eye a diplomatic solution to their  years-long standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. ”I do believe that there  is a basis for resolution,” Obama said from the White House Briefing Room.  “Iran’s supreme leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear  weapons. President Rouhani has indicated that Iran will never develop nuclear  weapons. I’ve made clear that we respect the right of the Iranian people to  access peaceful nuclear energy in the context of Iran meeting its  obligations.”

This seriously alarmed Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, who came rushing to Washington to meet with President Obama.


WASHINGTON — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged President Obama to maintain economic sanctions against Iran and even prepare to increase them if Tehran does not give up its military nuclear program during the search for a diplomatic solution.

At the United Nations, Netanyahu called the Iranian president "a wolf in sheep's clothing." He was obviously very angry and alarmed at Rouhani's so-called "charm offensive." Netanyahu even called Rouhani a "Nazi." I thought that was ironic, in light of the Jewish "superior race" theory, supported by Christian Zionists.

Apparently, Netanyahu failed to derail this latest peace offensive, as shortly after that, Secretary of State John Kerry stated clearly that it would be "diplomatic malpractice" not to engage in talks with Iran.


TOKYO -- TOKYO (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday it would be "diplomatic malpractice of the worst order" not to test Iran's willingness to comply with international demands over its nuclear program....

"We have an obligation," Kerry told reporters in Tokyo after he and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met with the foreign and defense ministers of Japan. "It would be diplomatic malpractice of the worst order not to examine every possibility of whether or not you can achieve that before you ask people to take military action and do what you have to do to prevent it."

"You have to exhaust the remedies before you ratchet up to a next tier of remedies that may have more dramatic consequences," he said....

Kerry's remarks came in a response to a question about Netanyahu's warning, which was delivered Tuesday, a day after the Israeli leader met in the White House with President Barack Obama. In his U.N. address, Netanyahu disparaged Rouhani as "a wolf in sheep's clothing" and suggested it would be foolhardy to put faith in anything he said.

It appears that the 2001 US policy of overthrowing "seven countries in five years" in the MIddle East has reached its climax and is now being revised or scrapped entirely. This is bad news for the Muslim Brotherhood, who stood to gain the most from this foolhardy (or perhaps treasonous) US policy. This is also bad news for the Israelis, who have been goading the US to fight their wars for them.

But the people seem to have spoken. Neither Democrats nor Republicans--with the exception of the Zionists and the Christian Zionists--want another war. They are all war weary, and the Democrat voters came near to a party revolt when it looked like Obama was about to send US troops to invade Syria. Democratic congressmen and senators were alarmed at the prospect of losing their seats in the next election.

So it came down to a sqeeze play between Obama's handlers (the big bankers) and the people themselves. It seems that the bankers have lost this one, and this loss is threatening to derail the Pike Plan for WW3. The Israelis will probably have to fight their own war with Iran, as Netanyahu threatened in his recent speech at the United Nations.

I do believe that there will be a war in the Middle East, wherein Jerusalem and Damascus are destroyed, as prophesied by Isaiah and Jeremiah. But this coming war is now less likely to be a World War. Most likely, it has now been downgraded to a regional war. Hence, our prayers for mercy are being answered.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones