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Lindsey Williams, October 22 interview

Oct 28, 2013

Lindsey says he was told last summer that the banking collapse is being timed to occur shortly after the Obamacare bill begins to be implemented. He defines "collapse" in a way that most people do not realize. Right now, Obamacare is being postponed, due to the computer problem.


He also confirms how war with Syria was averted by divine intervention in mid-September. He also shows the importance of October 17, which was one of our watch dates.

Watch also November 17, because it appears that JP Morgan Chase Bank sent out a letter to their customers, telling them that they will no longer wire money internationally on November 17. Businesses that buy and import internationally could be put out of business if other banks follow suit. Lindsey suggests perhaps the bank knows the date of the start of the "collapse."

It may be a good idea to have less money in the bank in mid-November in case some of this comes to pass without divine intervention stopping it or putting it off for a later time.

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Category: Financial
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones