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Babylon's tree fully de-Foley-ated and cut down

Oct 18, 2013

Former Speaker of the House, Tom Foley, died today at the age of 84.


He served 30 years in the U.S. House, including more than five years as speaker.

The Democrat, who had never served a single day in the minority, was ousted by a smooth young Spokane lawyer, Republican George Nethercutt, who won by 4,000 votes in the mostly rural, heavily Republican district in eastern Washington state....

We know Tom Foley as the man who fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel 4, where the "tree" of Babylon was defoliated (Daniel 4:14) and then cut down (Daniel 4:15). The pre-election talk was about "de-Foley-ating Washington," and when I head it, I knew that this was about Daniel 4. Foley was beaten by George Nethercutt ("lower cut"), because the original "tree" of Babylon had been left a stump when it was cut down. This time, the tree of Mystery Babylon was being cut down with a "lower cut" that would be leave no opportunity to grow again.

Foley resigned from the House on November 29, 1994, shortly after being defeated in the election. He resigned after the House passed the GATT treaty twelve months after our Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993. Foley made a speech about how great Babylon was, and then he resigned, much like we see in Daniel 4:28-30.

It appears to me that this is a sign of the final demise of Mystery Babylon.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones