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Watch Date update

Sep 09, 2013

Last July I wrote how it was three years since the eighth sign of Elisha had been fulfilled in the sequence that we were observing.

This sign came in the context of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, which began on April 20, 2010.

On July 9, 2010 we were led to throw barley meal into the headwaters of the Mississippi River to overcome "death in the (Gulf) basin" as per 2 Kings 4:38, 39, 40, 41. The solution came six days later (144 hours) on July 15, when the oil well was capped.

We then began looking for the ninth sign to occur, which is the multiplication of the barley bread (2 Kings 4:42, 43, 44). This sign, however, did not occur, although we received much confirmation that we had not missed it.

Three years later, in July 2013, I began to wonder if perhaps we might see the ninth sign occur from July 9-15. I thought perhaps these past three years had been the drought of Elijah. The Elijah connection is seen in the fact that Elijah performed eight miracle-signs, while Elisha, who received the double portion, performed sixteen miracle-signs. But the first eight signs of Elisha only equalled Elijah, and so far we had not come into the double portion, which is the inheritance of the birthright.

Last July I speculated that if we did not see the ninth sign in July, we would probably have to wait until September. Well, we are now in September, and today is September 9. The reason this is important is on account of the revelation more than 30 years ago that "July is like September." July is our seventh month, but September used to be the seventh month, even on the Roman calendar. Hence, the name means "seventh month," even as October means "eighth month" (in Latin).

Over the years we have seen events in July foreshadow or parallel events in September.

So July 9, 2010 was when we saw the eighth sign occur, and then we had a three-year drought to July 9, 2013. We did not see the ninth sign in July, but we are now in its parallel time, September 9.

Keep in mind that the pattern from 2010 was a two-step event on July 9 and 15. The spiritual work was done on July 9, but the result was seen on July 15. So the watch dates before us are September 9 and 15.

The big news event today is that Russia suggested that Syria's chemical weapons might be put under international control. Russia was actually reacting to a statement by John Kerry a few days ago, in which he suggested the same thing, but quickly added that Syria would certainly never allow such a thing. But strangely enough, Syria has reacted positively to this idea! So now it appears that September 15 will see the result of today's suggestion in some way.

Meanwhile, on September 11 the US Senate is scheduled to vote to accept or reject Obama's war strike against Syria. [Update: Senate Majority leader Harry Reid now says he will likely postpone the vote until Russia's proposal is discussed. It is possible that no vote will be necessary!] It is interesting that this vote comes on the anniversary of the Twin Towers demolition on September 11, 2001. That event foreshadowed the overthrow of Mystery Babylon, which "is fallen, is fallen" (Revelation 18:2, KJV).

After the Senate votes, then the House of Representatives will vote as well, probably next week, they say. The date has not been set as of now, as far as I know. But it is likely that regardless of what the Senate votes, the House will probably reject a strike on Syria.

All of this is coinciding with the end of our "End the Famine" prayer campaign on Saturday, September 14, which is also the Day of Atonement. When I first learned of this prayer campaign in early August, it occurred to me that the three-year famine was partly patterned after the Elijah drought, but moreso after the three-year famine in the days of King David in 2 Samuel 21:1.

So it appears that September 15 could see the beginning of the end of the "famine." It is yet unclear just how this will manifest in the earth, but I am beginning to suspect that the prayer campaign will succeed in stopping the attack on Syria. The convergence of dates seems obvious. The prayer campaign ends in victory on September 14, just as the government is voting on the Syrian crisis September 11 to perhaps the 15th to the 17th.

I spotted the connection last week in the story of Laban the Syrian, who made a treaty (covenant) with Jacob (Genesis 31:52). Laban's family was related to Abraham, and in fact the whole region was called Haran, named for Abraham's brother. That suggests that Laban was the chief ruler of that land, now called Syria. So this treaty was not just between two individuals. It was a treaty between nations. And I can find no evidence that the treaty ended in any point of history.

Therefore, I believe it would be a mistake for us to attack Syria, unless they attacked us first. To attack Syria would be one more broken treaty to add to the long list of government sins. But our prayer campaign was designed specifically to deal with this problem of broken treaties, as I have written in past articles. We know that we are destined to win this prayer campaign. We just do not know for sure how the victory will manifest.

If the Babylonian leaders fail to plunge the US into war, as they wish, then that will be evidence of our victory.

If the US attacks Syria, I will take it as a sign that Babylon is about to fall, because the government leaders will be acting against the express wishes of the people. Polls show that 76% of the people oppose any action against Syria. Only 13% support such a war. The only reason the president and congress would support such action is because they are being pressured into it by the hidden leaders who have put them into positions of leadership through financing. But these same leaders are now being squeezed from below by the people themselves.

So if Syria is attacked, I believe the US military itself will soon arrest the instigators of this war and bring them to trial for crimes against humanity. Remember what happened in Egypt. When President Morsi refused to respond to the will of the people, the military stepped in and deposed him. Now they are bringing Morsi to trial.

Will the same pattern play out in America? It certainly has never happened before, but there are many reports that suggest the possibility of this happening here.

So regardless of what happens in Syria, I am of the opinion that our spiritual warfare against Mystery Babylon is nearing its climax, and that WE WON. We did not try to fight them on their own carnal turf. We did not try to outgun them in physical warfare. We made them fight on our turf in the heavens, where we are more than conquerors.

September 9 was one of our watch dates that I mentioned last week. This latest Russian plan for Syria, I believe, is that event. If I am correct, then we should see the results on September 14/15. If there is to be an attack on Syria, I suspect that it will occur on September 17, but I pray that our prayer campaign has averted this disastrous plan.

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