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The Jubilee Declaration to End the Famine

Sep 16, 2013

The prayer campaign which I call “End the Famine” ended Saturday, September 14 after 40 days of intercession.

If you kept up with David Smith’s weblogs, you know that the main revelation was for them to treat September 14 as a Jubilee, rather than as a Day of Atonement. Likewise, all came to see that this was about much more than the broken treaties with the Dakota people and the Dakota war of 1862. It was about declaring a Jubilee over the whole land and even the whole earth.

At the end of the day of atonement, THE FAST WAS BROKEN, because it was a complete fast of food and drink, you could say the famine (lack of food) was ended, or the drought (lack of drink) was ended.

The feast overtook the fast, the Day of Atonement became the year of the Lord.

This is the year of the Favor of the LORD.
This is the day of the vengeance of Our God. 

Sorrowful brokenness was replaced by Joyous celebration with food and drink and the two silver trumpets came out as well as the ram’s horn trumpet to announce the reconciliation process was completed and liberty was gained for all.

So we read in Leviticus 25:8-13….

Remember how Don first got started on this journey? The LORD asked him "is this your promised land?" it was right after the day of remembrance marking 150 years, or three Jubilee Sabbaths.

In this Jubilee year that we make a declaration that:

We proclaim to the land and its inhabitants THIS IS YOUR JUBILEE!

Liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants." 
That each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan."

We also read Isaiah 61 and blew the shofar at Reconciliation Park in Mahkato, formerly known as Mankato. The city’s name was changed from “Blue Skunk” to its original name, “Blue Earth.” It is changed from a city that “stinks” to a city that heals, because the blue clay in the area was said to provide healing. The city is actually the county seat of Blue Earth County.

It was as if we had gone back to Numbers 13 and 14, when the twelve spies gave their report. They were supposed to give a good report, and the people were supposed to agree to declare the 50th Jubilee from Adam. This was supposed to lead to their return into the Promised Land five days later on the feast of Tabernacles.

However, their refusal (caused by their lack of faith) turned the day from a Jubilee to a Day of Atonement. In recognizing this pattern, Don came to understand the meaning of the original revelation that he received many months ago: Is this your Promised Land? The question could be answered in many ways, of course, but in the end, it came to mean, "Do you have the faith to return to your inheritance? Is this your Jubilee? or do you lack faith as the Israelites did many years ago and turn this into a day of fasting and mourning?

On the evening of September 13 we were led to drive down to Mahkato to join with the group there for the final declarations. We met at the church and then walked to Reconciliation Park.


Across the street from the Park is the County Library, where they have a memorial statue and plaque telling a short history of the events of the Dakota War.

1379115684101.jpg 1379115723397.jpg


We then walked across the street to the tiny Park itself, where the names are written of the Dakotas who were hanged in 1862 and a prayer on the reverse side.

1379116019206.jpg 1379116146042.jpg


A few feet away was a large buffalo statue.


 We met next to the buffalo, sang a few songs, prayed, read Scripture, and decreed the Jubilee.


We then went to Arby’s Restaurant, where we enjoyed some fellowship over food and drink to represent “ending the famine.” Someone brought figs and raisins as well, in order to provide “biblical” food.

So now we await the results. We have done our part as the Father has instructed us. If the pattern of timing is the same as with ancient Israel, then perhaps we will see the results at the feast of Tabernacles. Recall that the Israelites' decision when the 12 spies gave their report would have led to their entry into Canaan five days later at the feast of Tabernacles. So we should watch September 19-26 to see what God might do.


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