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News update

Sep 06, 2013

We have a few news items to pass on to you.

First, James Bruggeman of Stone Kingdom Ministries has written a notice on his blog to let us know that his wife, Roxanne, passed away last evening. She had had heart problems for many years, and died of a heart attack. They had been married 40 years. Thankfully, he was with her at the time, and she died in his arms. Please be in prayer for him and his family.


Second, the fourth speech of Moses is now in print and ready for distribution ($15 each plus $5 postage). It is 110 pages long and the full title is:

Deuteronomy: The Second Law
Speech 4
The Way of Life for the Sons of God

It is not yet posted at the Bible Study Storehouse site, but you may order it directly from me and send payment through our "Donation" button at the bottom right of our front page. Or you can order by mail from God's Kingdom Ministries, 6201 University Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432.

Thirdly, it appears that President Obama is under increasing pressure from the people NOT to attack Syria. The House of Representatives is more sensitive to voters than the Senate, because they are accountable every two years, and they are getting letters and phone calls at a 10:1 ration against such an attack.

AOL conducted its own poll, which showed that 76% are definitely against attacking Syria, 13% are for it, and 11% are undecided.

As I see it, attacking Syria would be a violation of the treaty that Jacob made with Laban the Syrian in Genesis 31:52. The British Parliament already defeated PM David Cameron's desire for war, and now it appears that the US congress will defeat President Obama's desire for war as well. In both cases, I believe the two leaders were just following orders from their handlers who put them in positions of power, but the people are overruling them.

Senator John McCain, one of the hawks promoting this war, was grilled and roasted at a town hall meeting in Arizona over his warmongering mindset. Kudos for you, Arizona. I didn't know you had it in you. Remember this moment next time you go to the polls.


If I had been at that meeting, I would have asked him:

"General Wesley Clark has said many times over the years that back in September 2001 it became official US policy to overthrow seven mideast countries within five years, including Libya and Syria. The overthrow of Libya obviously was successful, but due to Russian opposition, the plan is taking longer than first thought. Now the US is trying to overthrow Syria as part of this 12-year plan. When did you first hear of this plan? and Do you agree with this policy?"

If you have not heard General Clark's speech, you may view it here:


Part of the text of that speech is quoted here:

In October, 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark gave a speech to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco (seven-minute excerpt in the video below) in which he denounced what he called “a policy coup” engineered by neocons in the wake of 9/11. After recounting how a Pentagon source had told him weeks after 9/11 of the Pentagon’s plan to attack Iraq notwithstanding its non-involvement in 9/11, this is how Clark described the aspirations of the “coup” being plotted by Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and what he called “a half dozen other collaborators from the Project for the New American Century”:

Six weeks later, I saw the same officer, and asked: “Why haven’t we attacked Iraq? Are we still going to attack Iraq?”

He said: “Sir, it’s worse than that. He said – he pulled up a piece of paper off his desk – he said: “I just got this memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office. It says we’re going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years – we’re going to start with Iraq, and then we’re going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia [I think he meant Egypt] , Sudan and Iran.”

Clark said the aim of this plot was this: “They wanted us to destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, make it under our control.” He then recounted a conversation he had had ten years earlier with Paul Wolfowitz — back in 1991 — in which the then-number-3-Pentagon-official, after criticizing Bush 41 for not toppling Saddam, told Clark: “But one thing we did learn [from the Persian Gulf War] is that we can use our military in the region – in the Middle East – and the Soviets won’t stop us. And we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes – Syria, Iran [sic], Iraq – before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.” Clark said he was shocked by Wolfowitz’s desires because, as Clark put it: “the purpose of the military is to start wars and change governments? It’s not to deter conflicts?”

One more thing... If the American people prevent an attack on Syria, watch for another US-sponsored gas attack in Syria, which will then be explained in this way: "See, we let Assad get away with the previous gas attack, and this emboldened him to do it again. Now do you believe me? We need to attack Syria immediately!"

Hopefully, however, enough people will understand that it is the rebels in Syria who used gas on March 19, 2013 and again on August 21, 2013. The Powers-That-Be need to be arrested and tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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