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JP Morgan, alias, The Morgue, caught manipulating commodity markets

Sep 13, 2013

Bart Chilton is the commissioner of the CFTC, the Commodities Futures Trade Commission, which regulates the sale of gold and silver markets. The CFTC is supposed to prevent market manipulations. In June of 2012 two whistleblowers from JP Morgan provided evidence to the CFTC that the bank was heavily manipulating the markets--probably on behalf of its client, the US government.

A year later, with no legal action taken against JP Morgan, Mr. Chilton now confesses to Andrew McGuire that he is ashamed of how the CFTC has handled this investigation.


In a stunning development, two JP Morgan whistleblowers have confessed that the bank manipulates the gold and silver markets.  This is truly a shocking admission by the courageous JP Morgan whistleblowers.  In a blockbuster King World News interview, London metals trader Andrew Maguire told KWN that the two JP Morgan employees came directly to him with hard evidence that the bank was actively manipulating the gold and silver markets.

This is a truly catastrophic event for JP Morgan, which up to now has denied manipulating these markets....

McGuire:Very recently Commissioner Chilton assured me, and I’m going to quote him exactly, “I can’t appropriately express my frustration and disappointment with how we’ve handled the silver investigation.... And, as you know, I’m prohibited from actually saying much.  That said, I will not let September go by without speaking out if the agency doesn’t do so.”

It appears that the long-term government manipulation of the gold and silver market is about to become public information. That will give the government still another black eye as its secret crimes are exposed one after another.

Oh, yes, I forgot... As Nixon once said, "If I do it, then it is not a crime."

Rex Lex, "the king is law." If the king does it, it is, by definition, legal.

But I suspect that a lot of unsuspecting voters will disagree. Fortunately, whistleblowers are voters, too.

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