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Darius and the Media

Sep 12, 2013

In the ongoing diplomacy war, US Secretary of State John Kerry has rejected Syria's offer to turn over all chemical weapons to UN observers for destruction. Why? Because Assad wants 30 days to get the job done, and Kerry says "No way!"


If Assad had suggested 10 days, Kerry would have found an excuse to reject it. No one wants to admit to rejecting a peace plan, so the next best thing is to demand impossible conditions that they know the other side will have to reject. Then, of course, they can end the peace initiative while claiming that the other side was at fault.

Kerry is just digging the hole deeper. Already, Congress was set to reject the Obama war plan, and the Russian-Syrian proposal was so astounding that even the warmongers in Congress could hardly refuse to give peace a chance. Does Kerry really think that his rejection of the proposal will gain votes in Congress? What about the UN? Britain, perhaps? Friends and family are getting scarce. It seems the whole world has turned its back on the Babylonians.

Kerry is probably still smarting from the beating he must have taken from his handlers for even suggesting that Syria could stop a US attack by giving up all of its chemical weapons, a plan that he said would certainly be unacceptable to Syria. Well, Russia called his bluff, made the proposal, and Syria agreed to it! If Kerry was really interested in peace, he would welcome the proposal and "hold Russia and Syria to their word," no matter how long it took.

But, of course, the agenda has been war at least since 2001 when General Wesley Clark was told by the generals in the Pentagon that the US had decided to "overthrow seven mideast countries in five years," including Iraq and Syria. The US has pursued that policy consistently since that time and are frustrated that Russia has decided to stand in their way by backing the Syrian government against the US plan to Islamize and destabilize the entire Middle East.

So the Western press continues to bash Russia's President Putin for his peace efforts. However, there are cracks in the solidarity of the media, as journalists are getting fed up with all the new job openings as war correspondents.

Remember that in Daniel's day Babylon was overthrown by the coalition forces of Persia and Medea. We have often contemplated the "coincidence" in pronunciation between Medea and Media. I have come to see China playing the role of Cyrus the Persian, and Russia playing the modern role of Darius the Mede. That connection links Russia to the Media's role in overthrowing modern Babylon.

I recall twenty years ago reading a lengthy article about the implosion of the Soviet Union (1989-1991), as the Communist government fell, the Union split apart, and the new nation of Russia emerged. The article told how the Soviet government lost the propaganda war because they lost control of the MEDIA. No, they still retained control of the state newspapers and television stations, but they had no control over the lowly FAX MACHINE. So many people had fax machines that the real news spread across the country and made the official, controlled media the laughingstock of the nation.

Well, this is twenty years later, and few people use fax machines any more. We are armed with the internet today, along with cell phones with cameras. Even the massive effort by the NSA ("No Secrets Anymore") to control and monitor all electronic communication has not been able to stop people from finding the truth from the alternate media.

The government-bullied media is in near revolt. In fact, if the White House didn't blackmail dissenting journalists by refusing them press passes at White House news briefings, many of them would be more than happy to report the real truth. That is, if their government-controlled editors would allow them to speak the truth.

Then there's the case of Elizabeth O'Bagy, a so-called "expert on Syria," who was promoted by Kerry to the Congress as having "enormous" experience covering Syria. She has been found to be lying about her Ph.d degree, as well as hiding her connection to the Syrian terrorists. The White House failed to disclose that she is the Political Director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which lobbies congress in support of the terrorists trying to overthrow Assad.


The point is that some of the Media's journalists have been shifting toward the truth lately. They even report polls that are unfavorable to the president's war policy. Yes, of course, there are still some pollsters that try to tell us that only 49% or even 60% of the people oppose the war. The AOL poll showed 86-87% opposed war with Syria, and most other polls are in the neighborhood of 70-75%. The only reason the polls are so widely divergent is that some are skewed by government control or blackmail to make themselves look better.

Most Congressmen seem to know the truth. Certainly Senator John McCain is shaking in his boots, hoping a revolution does not find him swinging from a lamp post. (Those Arizona folks can get impolite with politicians who don't represent their interests!)

I suspect John Kerry understands that every day that passes, the current administration loses more and more support for their war plans. This is probably the real reason why Kerry doesn't want to give Syria thirty days to pull together their list of chemical storage sites. (It would probably take two years for America to do the same with its own supply.)

For once, time is on the side of the good guys. If the government holds off its attack for another month, there will probably be a ten-million man march on Washington by October. Congress wouldn't be able to go into session, because traffic would make it impossible for them to go in or out from their offices.

I mean, if a few hundred Muslims could spark 800,000 bikers to descend on Washington DC yesterday, what would another useless war bring about?

When the Media is set free from government control, then Babylon will no longer be a "mystery" (that is, a secret). Because Babylon exists only by virtue of its secrecy, its exposure will be its downfall. Perhaps that is why it was Darius of Medea and not Cyrus of Persia who actually took the city of Babylon.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones