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Colorado State Senator John Morse ousted in recall election over gun control issue

Sep 11, 2013

Morse backed gun control legislation, and the people then voted him out of office in a recall election.


Morse and state senator Angels Giron were recalled by voters on Tuesday, many of them upset that Morse and Giron voted for new gun control measures limiting magazine sizes and requiring expanded background checks....

The man elected to replace Giron, former Pueblo deputy chief of police George Rivera, said people should hold their legislators accountable.

"When laws are passed they have ramifications, and that’s why we were so concerned about these laws that infringed on second amendment rights," said senator-elect Rivera....

"I do worry that now that a recall has been successful, it will become a political tactic for both sides," Morse told reporters after his concession speech.

"I think that is a horrible way to govern," he added.

Morse apparently doesn't like the constitutional provision that allows the people to recall those who refuse to represent the people. He apparently thinks he was elected king of Colorado.

I wonder if Morse of Colorado is related to Morsi of Egypt, who apparently held similar views. He too learned his lesson the hard way.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones