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China puts gold into the hands of citizenry

Sep 20, 2013

Remember when Dubai began selling gold coins from ATM machines?


Now they are doing the same in China, where they are selling both silver and gold from ATM's.


These countries are doing what they can to get gold and silver into the hands of ordinary citizens, so that they can share in the future prosperity when paper money collapses. Meanwhile, back in the good ol' US of A, the government does all it can to discourage people from buying gold and silver. They depress the price, using banks like JP Morgan to "sell" millions of paper gold and silver to make it look like everyone is selling. The price then goes down, as there are too few buyers to soak up all that paper.

Essentially, they have found a way to do fractional gold and silver sales, much like regular fractional banking has done with currency. They create gold and silver out of nothing--all on paper--and dump these paper contracts on the market to simulate a glut of metal.

Meanwhile, there is actually a shortage of the real stuff, and it only gets worse as the East buys it at bargain prices.

This is part of the great shift of wealth from West to East that has been taking place in recent years, especially since our Jubilee prayer campaign in 1993. It is the way in which God is overthrowing the Babylonian West in favor of the Kings of the East.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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