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Aug 31, 2013

I have posted many times the speeches of General Wesley Clark, who testifies in public that the plan to cause trouble in middle eastern countries was made official policy in the Pentagon in September of 2001.


That was twelve years ago, and we have now seen the fruit of this policy. Egypt and Syria are in chaos, revolution, and civil war, with America backing the Muslim Brotherhood. We also overthrew Libya as the plan took shape.

Worse, the American public was led to believe that these were spontaneous "protests" of people seeking "democracy," when in fact they were instigated by our own covert government agencies. And then when Russia stood its ground opposing this war-time American policy against the Syrian government, we are now talking about going to war against Syria.

I have no doubt that America has already been supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels--if not directly, then through Qatar. Then when people are killed or displaced, the news agencies interview people who dutifully assume that the Syrian government is at fault for defending itself. These talking heads act as if America has played no role at all in fomenting these MIddle Eastern wars.

Have they not heard General Wesley Clark? Yes, of course they have. But they choose to continue the charade and hiding the truth from the public.

Glenn Beck is also pretty upset by this. He put together a 3:43 minute video showing the Syrian rebel leader who was proudly cutting open the chest of a dead Syrian soldier and eating his liver and heart.


This is an obvious war crime, and any government who supports such people are equally guilty. It bothers me, because our government represents us, whether we like it or not. If we do not register some kind of protest, we are all implicated by it. When divine judgment hits a nation, it is usually the people on the street who are affected. We call them "innocent people," but legally speaking, no one is innocent of crimes done in their name, unless they take steps to disavow it in some way.

Polls show that the American people overwhelmingly reject American involvement in the Syrian crisis, not knowing that we were the prime instigators of it. If we were a "democratic" country, the US government would bow to the will of the people. But we are not. Democracy is only relevant when the people agree with the government. If not, then they claim the right to "do what is right" in spite of the people. Such men are then called "statesmen," a fancy name for someone today who refuses to represent the will of the people.

Watch Dates for September

September 1. This is the first day of our seventh month, and therefore it is a parallel to the Hebrew calendar's Feast of Trumpets, or New Year's Day.

September 5. This is the actual Feast of Trumpets on the Hebrew calendar. It signifies "resurrection," and therefore is tied to "resurrection day" in the Spring feasts. This makes it a "barley" date, along with Sept. 1.

September 9. This is connected to July 9, according to the old revelation, "July is like September." Recall that July 9, 2013 was the 3-year anniversary of the day we threw barley into the Mississippi River.

September 14. This is the Day of Atonement and the end of the current prayer campaign called "End the Famine."

September 17. Two years ago (2011) this date was the culmination of the Jericho March around the Twin Cities. This act of spiritual warfare began on the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers demolition (Sept. 11) and ended on the seventh day, September 17, 2011. This is again a watch date in 2013.

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