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More admissions, NSA admits to gathering emails

Aug 21, 2013

It seems that the government is becoming one big spy agency in its paranoid attempt to retain power and prevent a slave revolt.


WASHINGTON — The nations' top intelligence official is declassifying three secret U.S. court opinions showing how the National Security Agency scooped up as many as 56,000 emails annually over three years and other communications by Americans with no connection to terrorism, how it revealed the error to the court and changed how it gathered Internet communications.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper authorized the release Wednesday....


Yawn. So what's new? We have to assume that the NSA has grabbed the power to monitor all mail and all electronic communications. If you don't want them to know something, don't use the telephone, internet, email, or postal service. In fact, don't even speak it out loud in your own home, because many televisions can be used as listening devices without your knowledge.


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