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Census update

Aug 10, 2013

The census, now being conducted by Robert Henley, is the second since 1993 as we were coming out of the Pentecostal Age. The purpose of the first census runs parallel to Moses' first census of Israel as they came out of Egypt.

Moses called for a second census just before Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. The present census runs parallel to Moses' second census. Its purpose is different, as seen in Moses' pattern, for Israel was then coming out of the wilderness into the Promise. There is a 20-year period between these two events for us, even as it was 40 years for Israel under Moses.

I take note also that even as silver is the metal of redemption, so also is 20 the number of redemption. So there seems to be a special relationship between the silver half-shekel and its redemptive meaning (Exodus 30:12-16). Silver represented the fact of Israel's redemption, and the number 20 represents the time of redemption.

It appears that this is the primary pattern on which this year's census is based. Henley explains this further in his latest blog:


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