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Saudi missiles pointed at Israel and Iran

Jul 15, 2013

It is being reported now that Saudi Arabia is purchasing ballistic missiles from China, which are being aimed at Iran and Israel.


Saudi Arabia has built missile launch pads that target both Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles, according to imagery and analysis by IHS Jane's, the British security consultancy....

Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal said in 2011 that his country would purchase "off the shelf" nuclear weapons if Iran developed its own supply. "For such short notice, the foundations for both nuclear-capable launch vehicles and for acquiring the warheads will need to be laid in advance," Munks said.

Kenneth Pollack, a senior fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, said the Saudis started buying ballistic missiles from China in the 1980s at a time when Iran and Iraq were warring with similar weapons. The Saudis maintain the weapons as a deterrent to Iran, Iraq and Israel, its chief rivals in the region, Pollack said.

Howard Blum had more to say about the 1980's nuclear missile base in his book, The Gold of Exodus. This Saudi military base and missile site was built by Chinese technicians at Jabal al Lawz, which is the original Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments were given. On pages 41, 42, he wrote:

"And that was how, despite the elaborate precautions taken by the Higher Officers' Committee and the careful silence of the Reagan administration, Israel managed to learn what was happening in the Saudi desert. After studying satellite photographs and intelligence reports stolen in the fall of 1985 by its agent Jonathan Pollard, Israel knew that bases were being secretly built throughout the kingdom for 28 Chinese DF-3A missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads anywhere in their small country within minutes."

Later, he writes on page 333,

"The huge radars on the summit of Jabal al Lawz were aimed toward Israel. They looked out across the vast plain where the Israelites had camped, over the desert wilderness, and beyond to the Red Sea. Microwave links for the system were hidden in a secret military base outside Elim, an electronic intelligence fortress build adjacent to the caves that had been home to Jethro and his son-in-law Moses....

"If the order were given to attack Israel, the destruction of the Jewish state would be coordinated from Jabal al Lawz."

For this reason, I have thought perhaps the destruction of Jerusalem, prophesied in Isaiah 29:1-6 and in Jeremiah 19:11, would come from the original "Mount Sinai in Arabia" (Gal. 4:25), which represents the Old Jerusalem, as Paul says. When the Jewish leaders rejected the Mediator of the New Covenant, claiming the Old Covenant as their standard, they did not realize that they were putting themselves under the covering of territory that had been given to Arabia (Ishmael).

Perhaps, then, Saudi Arabia is the one called by law to bring judgment upon Jerusalem. We must consider the possibility.

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