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Obama administration tries scrambles to save Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Jul 02, 2013

Last year Prime Minister Morsi came to office. He was the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. This occurred after the US covert operation succeeded in sparking the so-called "Arab Spring," as reported by General Wesley Clark. Its purpose? He tells how the people in the Bush administration hijacked America's foreign policy:

"They wanted us [military forces] to destabilize the Middle East."


He also says that back as early as 1991 Rumsfeld said that the Gulf War showed them that they were able to overthrow Middle Eastern governments without any response from the Soviet Union, which, of course, was in the process of disintegrating. Rumsfeld said he believed that they had only ten or fifteen years to do as they pleased. That is significant, because today we see Russia strong enough again to back Syria's Assad in the face of US support for the terrorist organizations who are trying to overthrow the country in the name of Democracy.

The Israeli intelligence news service, DEBKA, now confirms this.


US President Barack Obama and Chief of US General Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey intervened in the Egyptian crisis early Tuesday, July 2, in an attempt to save the besieged President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Obama called the Egyptian president and Gen. Dempsey phoned Chief of staff Gen. Sedki Sobhi, hoping to defuse the three-way crisis between the regime, the army and the protest movement before it gets out of hand.

The crash of Morsi’s presidency would seriously undermine the objectives of the Arab Revolt  pursued by the Obama administration as the arch-stone of his Middle East policy....

Obama promised to back steps taken by President Morsi to show he is “responsive to the opposition’s concerns,” while Gen. Dempsey asked Egyptian generals to moderate their stand against the Muslim Brotherhood. The underlying message was that if they failed to do so, Washington might reconsider its $1.3 billion annual military assistance package which is the main source of income for the armed forces.

Heartened by the US president’s vote of support, Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamic allies, rejected the army’s ultimatum for resolving the country’s deadly crisis, saying it would sow confusion and ran contrary to the Egyptian constitution.

President O'Bush has fully adopted all of the policies that he condemned during his first election campaign. This shows that it does not matter which party's candidate is elected, nor does it matter what they say to get elected. Someone above them is pulling the strings of both parties.

Right now Egypt is on the brink of another military intervention that might overthrow Morsi. We will see if the military decides to risk losing billions in bribe money (foreign aid). America is backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, just as it is backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and other countries. Some say it is because the President is a secret Muslim. I think it is more probable that the Muslim Brotherhood is useful in destabilizing the Middle East, and since this is the new but secret American foreign policy, we are seeing US muscle being used to help save Morsi in Egypt.

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