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Government should prioritize better

Jul 12, 2013

I question the government's priorities.


GAO: $100 Billion Wasted on Bogus Federal Payouts Annually
"Imagine beginning every month not knowing what money you have and not being able to track how much you've spent," said committee Chairman Darrell Issa, a California Republican, according to The Times. "Yet year after year, that's  where the federal government operates."...

Dodaro pointed in particular to the Defense Department which receives more than half of the government's discretionary spending. The GAO says the military is so disorganized it does not know how many people it's paying or whether soldiers  and other personnel are getting the correct salaries.

Nevertheless, the Defense Department has not been audited for 20 years, and was  not included in the estimated $100 billion of government waste.

"It  bothers me the [National Security Agency] can tell me how many times Aunt  Margaret called Aunt Matilda, but I can't get an audit from the Defense  Department," said Rep. Stephen Lynch, the Massachusetts Democrat, according to The Times.

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