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EU imposes economic sanctions on Israeli occupied territory

Jul 16, 2013

The EU has now formally begun to boycott products made in Israeli-occupied territories, effective July 18. The definition of an occupied territory is anything beyond their 1949 border, which goes far beyond the usual 1967 borders demanded in past decades.


This policy apparently was first "formally recommended" back in February, and then delayed in May in order to allow US Secretary of State John Kerry to help with negotiations, according to another article dated July 2, 2013:


In February, the EU formally recommended that its 27 member states “prevent” Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria through an economic boycott of Jewish industry in those regions. Tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs are employed in Jewish-owned industry in the area.

"The EU's boycott recommendation came to light in the publication of the EU’s Jerusalem Report 2012, in which the European body recommends that its members avoid financial transactions with Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria."

The article states that when US Secretary of State John Kerry intervened, the EU postponed its decision until Kerry had opportunity to assist with the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. However, in June, Kerry failed to reconcile the two sides, because the PA refused to negotiate Israeli settlement in Palestinian territory, and the Israelis refused to leave or to stop plans for more settlements.

Justice Minister, Tzipi Livni, was quoted further in the article,

Livni said Europe did not understand the rationale behind Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria, claiming it was harming Israel's relations with the now 28-member bloc.

"In Israel, most people believe in the two-state solution, but with suitable security arrangements. By contrast there is a group that doesn't believe (in it)... that believes that seizing another hilltop is the way to prevent us from reaching an arrangement," she said, in remarks communicated by a spokesman and quoted by AFP.

"So the political issue is inseparable from both security and the economy," added Livni.

Back in 2011, the Turkish leader, Erdogan, was reported saying,


“[I]f the Quartet was so willing to resolve this issue, they would have imposed certain issues on Israel today,” Erdogan said. “Until today, the UN Security Council has issued more than 89 resolutions on prospective sanctions related to Israel, but they’ve never been executed. And furthermore, there were about 200 resolutions issued by the General Assembly, and neither have those been complied with.

“One might wonder why no sanctions have been imposed on Israel,” he added. “When it’s Iran in question, you impose sanctions. Similarly with Sudan. What happens with Israel then? Had these sanctions been imposed in this day and age, the Palestine-Israel conflict would have been resolved a long time ago. That’s why I’d like all the parties involved to be sincere and stand behind those resolutions.”

The Turkish leader did not stop there, hinting that in order to sanction Israel there should be a reform in the Security Council.

Perhaps the EU has now taken Erdogan's recommendation seriously. Here is a compiled list of the UN resolutions that Israel has defied:


The divine law of equal weights and measures (Leviticus 19:35, 36) is well summarized by Jesus Himself in Matthew 7:2,

2 For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

Since Israel is part of the United Nations, and was, in fact, created by the UN, it is under its authority. More to the point, however, Israel has supported UN resolutions against other nations. Even now, the Israelis insist that Iran abide by the UN resolutions in regard to its nuclear program. For this reason, the Israeli government is condemned by God's law of equal weights and measures and is therefore not immune to divine judgment.

Those Christians who support Zionism first make the mistake of identifying the Israeli state with the Israel of Scripture, not knowing the historical and prophetic distinction between Israel and Judah. They compound their error by not knowing the law. Their ignorance of the law makes them think that prophecy can be fulfilled in an unlawful manner. If they had understood that the law itself prophesies of things to come, they would realize that true Israel blesses all nations and does not deliberately violate the divine law in order to fulfill Bible prophecy.

America has also put itself under divine judgment by supporting the Israeli government's refusal to abide by UN resolutions. Selective enforcement of UN resolutions is hypocrisy and unequal judgment that is a direct violation of biblical law. The EU seems to be the first to recognize this and is taking steps to correct it. Their move is, of course, too little and too late. Hence, I question the motives of those who rule at the top of things. It seems to me that history is moving slowly but steadily toward the fulfillment of the Pike Plan from the 1800's to create and then destroy the Israeli state in order to bring disillusionment to the followers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity alike. Pike calculated that such disillusionment would advance the cause of Luciferianism, which was his religion of choice.


It seems to me that this plan is also behind the secret US government plan to overthrow Mideast "dictators," and to destabilize the whole region in the guise of spreading Democracy. General Wesley Clark testifies of this plan given to the Pentagon in the week after the Twin Towers demolition.


It would explain why the US government would overthrow the very dictators that have kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check for so many years. Someone obviously wants a Mideast war. Both China and Russia know about the Pike Plan, and are therefore working hard to prevent it from happening.

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