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Egypt's ex-President Morsi under house arrest

Jul 03, 2013

They are calling this the "Arab Spring 2.0". Round Two is throwing out the Muslim Brotherhood and all other terrorist organizations that the US government supports.


Cairo: As the deadline given by Egyptian army comes to an end Morsi advisor has said that there is a military coup underway in Egypt. President Morsi has been placed under house arrest....

Latest Updates

0055: According to news reports, President Morsi is being moved to an undisclosed location.

0045: President Mohamed Morsi has been overthrown, Egyptian General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said in the televised address.

Egypt constitution temporarily suspended, says  Army commander. The general said  that military 'could not stay silent' over a crisis. He warned against violence in the street and said that anyone indulging in violence will be severely dealt with.

To see some remarkable photos of the Egyptian protest, go here:


It is clear that the Egyptians blame President Obama as much as President Morsi. They all believe that Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which most Egyptians despise.

Remember when President Obama visited Egypt and gave a speech there shortly after his first inauguration? He was a hero then. But all the broken promises and the US sponsored terrorism has turned them against Obama.

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