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Yahoo tried to fight the NSA's PRISM in court

Jun 16, 2013

YAHOO tried to fight the NSA's demand for information in their surveillance of Americans in PRISM, but lost the case, mostly due to the so-called Patriot Act, along with the FISA Act. Of course, keep in mind that President Obama has denied the existence of PRISM. Perhaps he, too, is under a gag order, making it illegal for him to reveal its existence.

By the way, the reason it is called PRISM is because a prism refracts the light and splits it into more than one piece. In this case, the NSA is splitting the information from the fiber optics cables and making their own copy of the information. That is how PRISM got its name. Its name is more accurate than the name of the Patriot Act.

For pictures of the PRISM logo, designed by the NSA, along with the released classified document cover showing the name PRISM, see the article below:


Yahoo's top lawyers had a  courtroom showdown with the National Security Agency after it had demanded  information on certain foreign users without a warrant, but the tech giant lost  and was forced to hand over the data, it was revealed today. 

Court documents obtained by  the New York  Times show that the Internet company had initially  refused to join the PRISM spying program, insisting that the broad national  security requests seeking users' personal information were unconstitutional. 


The media does not seem to like being subservient to Mystery Babylon in this matter. With the recent government persecution of journalists who reveal their secrets, the media is turning against the government. They tried to fight this one in court and lost, simply because the government has made illegal activities legal and still have a lot of influence in the courts--especially the secret courts which are packed by judges who are beholden to the government for their cushy jobs. But I expect that as this develops, the media will join as full allies with the Kings of the East.

If this trend continues, be prepared to forgive the media for its past sins and support the media's efforts to expose the secrets of Mystery Babylon.

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