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United Nations human rights body condemns Israel for torturing Palestinian children and using them often as human shields

Jun 20, 2013

The United Nations has condemned the Israeli government for its systematic torture of Palestinian children and for using them as human shields in their military operations.


GENEVA, June 20 (Reuters) - A United Nations human rights  body accused Israeli forces on Thursday of mistreating  Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody  and using others as human shields.

Palestinian children in the Gaza and the West Bank, captured  by Israel in the 1967 war, are routinely denied registration of  their birth and access to health care, decent schools and clean  water, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said.

"Palestinian children arrested by (Israeli) military and  police are systematically subject to degrading treatment, and  often to acts of torture, are interrogated in Hebrew, a language  they did not understand, and sign confessions in Hebrew in order  to be released," it said in a report.

The Israeli response?

"If someone simply wants to magnify their political bias and  political bashing of Israel not based on a new report, on work on the ground, but simply recycling old stuff, there is no  importance in that," spokesman Yigal Palmor said.

So the question is: How long have they been doing this? How "old" is this practice? If they do it for many years, does that make it OK? Don't you think a little repentance might be in order? What would Jesus do?

Israeli soldiers had used Palestinian children to enter  potentially dangerous buildings before them and to stand in  front of military vehicles to deter stone-throwing, it said.

"Almost all those using children as human shields and  informants have remained unpunished and the soldiers convicted  for having forced at gunpoint a nine-year-old child to search  bags suspected of containing explosives only received a  suspended sentence of three months and were demoted," it said.

So let me see if I understand this. If any other country does this sort of thing, we send their leaders to the Hague and try them as war criminals. Why do we not send Israeli prime ministers and Defense Ministers to the Hague for trial? We hypocritically work to overthrow Syria's Assad for things he does. Why not Netanyahu?

The reason is simple. It is because the USA is Israeli occupied territory, brought about by American Christians who think that the Jews are chosen and that this makes them immune to prosecution in the sight of God. Apparently, being "chosen" has its privileges.

That is not how I read the Scriptures. God never allowed Israel to get away with anything, and, in fact, He held them to a higher standard of morality. For a full study of prophecy on this topic, see my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

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