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UN Security Council votes out Iraqi sanctions

Jun 27, 2013

The 15-member UN Security Council voted to take the remaining issues out of Chapter VII and allow them to be resolved under Chapter VI. This effectively takes Iraq out of Chapter VII.


(Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council brought Iraq one step closer on Thursday to ending United Nations sanctions imposed on Baghdad more than two decades ago after former President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait In 1990.

The 15-member council unanimously agreed that the issue of missing Kuwaiti people, property and archives should be dealt with under Chapter 6 of the U.N. Charter - which urges countries to peacefully resolve any conflicts - instead of Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 of the charter allows the Security Council to authorize actions ranging from sanctions to military intervention if states do not abide by council demands.

The remaining issues, to be handled under Chapter VI, are also mentioned in the article:

The only issues linked to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait that remain under Chapter 7 are an arms embargo and Baghdad's payment of $52 billion in compensation to Kuwait, diplomats say. Iraq still owes $11 billion and has said it expects to pay by 2015.

There are still a range of Chapter 7 issues imposed on Baghdad after Saddam's ouster in 2003, diplomats say, including the freeze and return of Saddam-era assets and trade ban on stolen Iraqi cultural property.

This implies that Iraq will now be able to buy those military jets that they want to buy from America, because they are no longer considered to be a hostile state. More than that, it appears that Iraq still has not paid off the last $11 billion of its reparations to Kuwait, but that the Kuwaiti government is allowing the payment to be made under Chapter VI (peaceful negotiation and agreement).

In addition to this, there are still many missing Kuwaitis that were apparently killed and buried in mass graves back in 1990, and many of these have not yet been found so that their bodies may be returned. But this too is to be handled under Chapter VI.

The Reuters article does not mention Iraq's reinstatement to the banking system or the removal of the trade embargo, but this is certainly implied. There are some who insist that the currency revaluation or reinstatement to its previous value must occur this week end while the Iraqi banks are closed. Perhaps. But I see no deadline that they must follow. Some are reporting that they are to have the best Ramadan ever--implying that this revaluation must occur by July 9.

I find it interesting that the important dates people are talking about are July 1, 9, and 15. Their reasons are different from mine, of course, since I deal with the prophetic, rather than what the plans of men tell us. Even so, they seem to be providing confirmation to these dates, and so I believe that all three of these dates will prove to be important in the present situation.

Looking ahead, my 1986 vision of the two Gulf Wars indicated three important dates: Ramadan, Elul, and September. See chapter 6 of The Wars of the Lord.

While I was given only hints of what was to come, and the purpose of these two wars, I did take note that 9-11 occurred on the 23rd of Elul in September of 2001. At that time the second "bear" was released, which the angel revealed to me in 1986. The following week, General Wesley Clark was told in the Pentagon that orders had come down from above that America was going to attack Iraq--and "seven countries in five years." This plan has been somewhat altered, as all plans are, but nonetheless, it does show us that the second bear was released at 9-11.

It also shows us that the so-called "Arab Spring" movement is a CIA-sponsored revolutionary movement, designed to overthrow the very dictators that the CIA installed in past years. The idea in the past was to keep the peace and to keep those nations within the American "turf" or sphere of influence. The term used in political science is "hegemony." But in 2001 it was decided that it was time to bring chaos to the Middle East, under the pretense of bringing Democracy to those nations. I believe their true motive was to render those nations incapable of fighting a war against the Israelis.

At any rate, the current situation is getting worse in Syria. Syria's Assad had resisted the Babylonian call for him to step down, and this appears to have put the plan two years behind schedule.

If you have followed my weblogs since early May of 2009, you know that we entered a period of time in which we would see all of the 16 miracle-signs of Elisha played out prophetically in some way. It took about 15 months for the first 8 signs to occur, ending July 9-15, 2010. The 8th sign involved the BP oil spill. When that sign was completed, we turned our attention to the 9th sign--that is, the start of the second half, or the double portion. This 9th sign is the dinar revaluation, pictured in 2 Kings 4:42-44 as the multiplication of the bread. It correlates directly with Jesus' miracle in the first part of John 6. Both miracles were meant to give PROVISION, and "bread" is also slang for "money."

But then the bottom seemed to fall out of it, and we have now waited nearly three years. It appears that there is a three-year interim between the first and second halves of Elisha's signs.

If this RV takes place shortly (perhaps on July 9), then I would expect to see the final eight signs occur in succession, much like what happened with the first eight. The 10th sign is about the healing of Naaman, the Syrian, after his baptism at the Jordan. I have written about Naaman in the past, especially in connection to the law of cleansing lepers in Leviticus 14. I see it as a sign of world evangelization, especially coming after the multiplication sign. What I had not really considered until recently was the meaning of Naaman's baptism. Baptism signifies death and resurrection. Is Syria about to undergo a baptism of fire?

Meanwhile, during the past three-year interim, the situation in Syria has been coming to a slow boil. With Russia now pulling out of their military base at Tartus, the scene appears to be setting up for a serious war--not merely with the internal opposition, but also with foreign help. I recall how Isaiah 17:1 prophesies of the destruction of Damascus, a prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.

In that Jeremiah also prophesies a final destruction of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 19:11), I think it is quite possible that both of these cities might be destroyed in the same war. The angel told me in 1986 that the purpose of this second "bear" (war) was to destroy Jerusalem. He said nothing about Damascus, but current events are bringing Damascus to the forefront today in conjunction with the release of the second bear. Add to that the 10th sign of Elisha that involves Syria, and the likelihood of Damascus being destroyed soon is greatly increased.

As for timing, I look again to the Hebrew month of Elul and the Western month of September--though not necessarily this year. I do not want to go beyond the revelation given in 1986, nor do I want to assume more than I know by revelation. (Our assumptions are always the biggest hindrance in understanding revelation.)

I also recall a dream that I had in 1985, one of only a handful of prophetic dreams that I have had, where I first saw this time of world evangelism. In the dream, I was in Turkey, and it was a time of revolution or war. For this reason, when I see riots and disturbances in Turkey and destabilization in Syria next door, I take note that this might be the time for this great move of the Holy Spirit. For most people, when they see war, they retreat and hide. For us, we see it as the time of great opportunity when the Spirit of God will move in ways not seen in the past, and we ought to prepare ourselves to advance the Kingdom and manifest Christ to the world.

This is, in fact, the main purpose of the Elisha Ministry that was prophesied in 2007-2009. This prophecy is how the signs of Elisha got started in the first place. The Elisha word went forth on April 12, 2009 at the time of the wave-sheaf offering ("Easter"). Shortly after this, the signs of Elisha began to manifest, and they grew stronger with each passing sign.

And so today's event at the United Nations seems to have removed a large obstacle to the signs of Elisha, which could very well start the ball rolling once again. If this proves to be the case, we ought to be ready, for there is a great deal of Kingdom work ahead that needs to be done. Those with a clear vision of the divine plan and a sense of divine calling should be aware of these world events and be "watchful."


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