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Phone scandal wakes up many people

Jun 07, 2013

The government is running scared, now that the details of the so-called "Patriot Act" have been exposed.


Most Americans are quite uninformed when it comes to legislation, and they support laws without knowing their contents. They trust the government and think that it is working in their best interest instead of their own. So this latest scandal is a good example of how government continually encroaches upon the liberty of the people with virtually every law. In the name of "security" they put the nation on lockdown.

I have been warning people about the "Patriot Act" since it was first proposed, so I can't help but feel somewhat vindicated now.

The article above says that the government is now declassifying the details of its telephone spy program. If they had truly been acting in the interest of the public, they would not have needed to "classify" this in the first place. Good deeds do not need to be kept secret. This is why God calls it "Mystery" Babylon. The word means "secret," and it refers to all the secrecy that it needs in order to retain the support of the people.

If they really do declassify this information, we will find that Verizon is not the only telephone company that has been helping the government spy on us. After all, it would make little sense to assume that all "terrorists" use Verizon exclusively. No, virtually all of the telephone companies (and internet) have been spying on us on behalf of the government.

They claim that they do not actually listen in on conversations, but only record the time and length of a conversation for possible future reference. That is a big load of baloney. They have been recording conversations for decades. They have been doing it offshore (through Britain), which makes it as "legal" as holding prisoners in Guantanamo without charges and without trial. As long as they do their dirt offshore, it is "legal." Why do you suppose they shipped prisoners from country to country during the Iraq war? It was so that they could subject them to torture "legally" and not be prosecuted if they got caught. America's laws are applicable only within our borders, and this allows them do every abominable thing as long as they do it offshore and don't get caught.

And then they wonder why we don't trust these presidents and "security" agencies to do what is right. When morality only applies in certain geographical areas of the world, you can bet that they will gradually pass laws bringing their immoral practices back to our shores, so that they can perpetrate them upon Americans as well.

It appears that this latest phone scandal is making these agencies worried. Many more people are waking up, and so they are trying to get ahead of them and put them back to sleep. They are not repenting, but are engaging in "damage control" so that they may continue to sin without suffering political consequences.

Of course, the real underlying problem is that the people have allowed the Babylonians to deny God's right to rule what He has created and what He owns by right of creation. It comes down to the violation of the First Commandment, from which all other sin springs. As Kingdom believers, we support the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ's right to rule the nations.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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