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Government spying through Verizon

Jun 06, 2013

Eric holder's Justice Department was recently caught spying on the media--and perhaps anyone who is critical of the government for proving itself unworthy of our trust. Now it has been discovered that the NSA has been spying on millions of unsuspecting Americans by ordering Verizon to hand over all records of its customers' telephone calls.


The Guardian, which broke the story of the top-secret project after it obtained record of a court order mandating Verizon hand over the information....

The Senate’s tech-savviest member, Ron Wyden (CrunchGov Grade: A), has been discretely warning citizens of these kinds of secretive government projects. “There is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows,” wrote Wyden and Senator Mark Udall to embattled Attorney Eric Holder....

Some government secrecy is necessary for national security purposes. But it’s justified based on our trust that the information will be used with care. With every passing scandal, the justification for these types of programs becomes more and more questionable.

Either way, this is a massive PR disaster for Verizon. While it’s true that AT&T had it’s own spying scandal, misery still loves company. It’s in Verizon’s interest to somehow implicate other carriers in the spying program. If Verizon is, indeed, not the only carrier, I suspect we’ll be finding out in the near future.

When Mystery Babylon can no longer keep its actions secret, it will fall. In other words, it has to remain a "mystery" (secret) in order to remain "Mystery" Babylon. Up to now, the mainstream media has served its Babylonian masters very well. But now that investigative journalists are considered "the enemy," it is likely that we will see the media begin to turn on Babylon. Keep in mind that it was Media-Persia that overthrew Babylon. Although Persia was the main force in the ancient pattern, it appears that the modern "media" will assist in the overthrow of Babylon.

 Perhaps the only way for average people to fight it is to boycott Verizon. If Verizon goes broke, it would send a message to the government that it risks the alienation of the media if it persists in this practice. The one thing the government spy agencies do not want to do is to affect the profits of its corporations--especially the media.

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