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Flight 800 cover up exposed

Jun 19, 2013

We seem to be getting a scandal every week now. This is one more reason not to trust any official report coming from a government agency.

For many years, alternate internet commentators reported that Flight 800 was shot down by a missile--something that the official investigators dismissed or covered up. This is not new evidence. This is old evidence that was suppressed by the government investigators.

It is only now, after many years, that some of the honest investigators on the case have succeeded in blowing the whistle on their superiors who suppressed the data, likely for political reasons. Perhaps what is more important is that now the MEDIA has decided to expose the Babylonian lies.

Let's see if Dick Cheney dares to call Hank Hughes and Bob Young "traitors" for doing damage to the shadow government in America.


Those calling for a review of the investigation include former NTSB accident investigator Hank Hughes and Bob Young, a former senior accident investigator for the now-defunct TWA. Tom Stalcup, a physicist and co-founder of a group called Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, also questions the NTSB's original findings and is featured prominently in the documentary, which is slated to air on the 17th anniversary of the crash next month....

The former investigators calling for a new probe say new evidence that a missile may have taken down the jet includes analysis of radar of the jetliner....

The petitioners contend that the testimony of more than 200 witnesses who reported seeing streaks of light headed toward the plane should be reconsidered. The NTSB said after the first investigation that it found no evidence of a missile strike. It explained that what witnesses likely saw was the jetliner pitching upward in the first few moments after the explosion, but some witnesses still maintain that the streak of light they saw emanated from the waterline and zoomed upward toward the plane....


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