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The Media turns on the Babylonians

May 19, 2013

We have often wondered if the "media" portion of Media-Persia would turn out to be the media--as in the journalists.

The recent action of the US government's so-called "Justice" Department seems to have caused a major rift in the alliance between Babylon and Media.


It is something to watch, along with the internet and the social media. Remember that when the Soviet Union fell, it was largely because they could no longer control the spread of information. Back in those days (1989-1991) the simple FAX machine kept people informed, so that few people needed the government-controlled press to stay informed.

Our own media has been controlled for a long time. If any journalist wants to get a government pass to a press conference, they have to be careful what they report and what questions to ask. The journalists have long been controlled by those press passes. But now, with the "unconstitutional" demand for phone numbers, there is yet another scandal playing out.

There haven't been this many scandals at the same time since Nixon.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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