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Philippine Trip coming soon

May 08, 2013

I am scheduled to go to the Philippines from May 20 to June 4 to teach the Word in two churches (two towns on Mindanao).

As usual, my family will continue the work while I am away, and I have already written the June FFI ahead of time.

Pentecost is May 19 this year, dating seven weeks from the wave-sheaf offering (March 31). In leaving the day after Pentecost, it reminds me of Jesus' instruction to remain in Jerusalem until Pentecost (Luke 24:49). Perhaps this year marks the start of the Great Commission, as it applies to our ministry. I will actually be part of a team of four. This trip was organized by David, the pastor of the local church where I often teach. (In fact, I will be teaching there on Pentecost, the morning of May 19.)

Please be in prayer for all of us that many lives will be changed as a result of this trip.

You can visit the "Events" page to view the calendar of upcoming events, including this Philippine Trip.

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