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Lindsay Williams interview, with my comments

May 18, 2013

Lindsay Williams was interviewed earlier this week. It is an hour long. You can listen to it here:


He gives more information from his "elite" sources, saying that the next big economic crash will not be bailed out, but they will allow the banks to fail and then use pension funds, retirement funds, etc. to bail-in the banks on the Cyprus model. He says this will NOT occur in the next few months, but other than that, he gave no hint of timing.

Canada's 2013 budget, pages 144 and 145, in a section on "Economic action plan for 2013," gives Canada the right to access all bank accounts in order to bail-in the banks in case of failure. (If Canada has it, they will probably include such a contingency in the USA budget, assuming they get one passed. If not, a simple Executive Order will suffice.)

Williams says that the so-called Quantitative Easing is not sustainable and will end at some point. When it does, they will stop all bailouts, in order to allow the banks to fail. Here, of course, they will use the resentment of the people as an excuse to let the banks fail, so that the people and "politics" can be blamed for this outcome.

Williams said that the bank collapse will come through the use of the derivatives market. He said this last year as well, and I have no doubt that this is how it will happen. The derivatives market will collapse when interest rates begin to rise. The rise in interest rates (Fed policy) is probably the single most important sign to watch in the months ahead. Any rise in interest rates will collapse the derivatives market and bankrupt the banks, because their derivatives are betting on low interest rates being maintained.

It appears that this will not happen immediately, but is possibly scheduled for this Fall. It is something to watch.

Williams also made an interesting point: The "Elite" have a code of ethics, believe it or not. Their "ethics" is not to act in a moral manner, but to give warning to everyone ahead of time what they plan to do. They put out the word through journalists, through political speeches, and even through movies. Of course, we have understood this for many years, because it is one of the laws of spiritual warfare in Deuteronomy 20.

The law mandates that before an attack takes place, the attacking force has to offer terms of peace, which of course gives their "enemy" advance warning. In my view, these "elite" include many Satanists, who know the divine law better than most Christians. They know that the only way they can maintain their power is to induce the people to continue in sin, because then the judgments of the law continue to be in force against the people. That is why they work so hard legalizing gay marriage, abortion, the prison system, usury, and, of course, the immigration of as many non-Christians as possible.

They also know the law of spiritual warfare and are careful to follow it. That is why they tell us what they plan to do ahead of time. We then cannot lodge a complaint in the divine court, claiming that they blind-sided us. Christians in general are no match for these Satanists, because they do not study the law. In fact, they discourage people from studying the law, and some even make people afraid of the law, as if studying it might endanger their salvation.

Even so, we have learned a few things about spiritual warfare over the years. We have already won this battle since 1993, and all that awaits its implementation is the coming repentance. This will happen only after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (divine intervention), because in the natural, we are too small and poor to change the culture and laws. The Babylonians control the culture through the educational system, and they enforce their decrees through the courts.

Williams says that the "elite" have just given us two big warnings about their plans. First, on April 2, 2013 an article was written for the New York Times, giving us the basic outline of the plan. It was written by David Stockman and can be read here:


Secondly, Vice President Joe Biden was told to include certain parts of the "elite" plan in his speech on April 5, 2013.


Biden called for a New World Order with three main elements:

1. He called for "New Financial Institutions," implying that the old financial institutions (banks) will soon fail.

2. He called for updated global rules, which is a code name for the abolition of the US Constitution and the adoption of a "global" constitution.

3. He called for a level playing field, which is code for the equalization of the standard of living around the world. In other words, reduce the western standard of living in order to raise it for other countries. This has already been implemented over the decades through "free trade" and by exporting manufacturing facilities to other countries. When the wages of American workers equals that of Chinese and Indian workers, then the field will be leveled.

America's policy has been to use "free trade" to level the playing field, and this means the exportation of manufacturing jobs has been a deliberate government policy. They claim that if other countries make money exporting goods to America, then they will have more money to spend on American products. The problem is, why would they buy expensive American products when they can pay a lot less buying from China, India, and other countries?

Back in 1993-1994 we saw by revelation that the "free trade" policies were going to be the main factor that would bring about the downfall of Mystery Babylon. We are now hearing from Lindsay Williams and others that this is indeed the plan to "level the playing field." The great shift of wealth from West to East is continuing, and this is now translating into a shift of political and military power as well.

Williams also mentioned that there will be three nations where they are thinking seriously of implementing the Cyprus solution before bringing it to America. These are New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. It appears that this will be implemented primarily by stealing pension and retirement accounts on the grounds that the government needs money to avoid an economic collapse.

He says more than once that gold and silver is the money of the elite. The only money they have in the bank is what they can afford to lose. The message is this: Get out of paper.

This is what China is doing. They are buying all the gold they can, along with mining companies, in order to spend those excess dollars in their banks. They don't want to be stuck with dollars when paper wealth is replaced by a gold-backed world currency. China is positioning itself to be the future world currency, much like America did in 1933, when Roosevelt confiscated gold from Americans. After WW2, the US dollar was made the world currency, partly because the US was thought to have the strongest gold position in the world (outside of royal families of China).

We are coming once again to this sea change in world history. This time China will be the nation holding the most gold, and so the yuan will become the world currency--or at least be the major part of a basket of currencies. Those who are caught holding the "old maid" of paper money or electronic bank accounts will be the big losers in this transition from one age to another. Paper will not make the change. Only that which has value will pass through the door into the new order.

Williams did not say anything about owning shares of stock. I presume that bank stocks are a bad idea, but there are certainly corporations that will survive and even thrive in this transition. Right now these companies are valued according to Federal Reserve Notes, but later they will be valued according to the new gold-backed currency.

Finally, it seems to me that the coming revaluation of various currencies could make some people quite rich, at least temporarily. If you find yourself in that position, I would suggest not holding too much paper wealth, but use it or convert it to something tangible that will be useful or productive in the days ahead.

Above all, understand that even though the "elite" have made careful plans, they have not prepared for the greatest move of God in the history of the world. That is the only factor that will turn all of this into good. It will do no good to fight the power brokers. All we can do on a personal level is to protect what we have by getting rid of the "old maid" before the end of the game. Above all, prepare your hearts for the coming move of God, and pray toward that end.


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