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Ariel Signs

May 09, 2013

Last Monday, May 6, three women escaped after being held captive for many years in Cleveland, Ohio. They had been kidnapped as children. Charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse is Ariel Castro.


This occurred the same day that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu went to China, shortly after the Israelis bombed Damascus. Recall that Isaiah 29:1 calls Jerusalem by the code name of Ariel when it speaks of the coming nuclear destruction of Jerusalem.

Then on Wednesday, Jodi Arias was convicted of murder in Phoenix, Arizona.


Ariel? Arias? What is going on?

It appears that we are seeing signs that Ariel-Jerusalem is losing control of the three religious groups: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Prophetically speaking, Ariel kidnapped them years ago and abused them in the same way that Absalom abused David's concubines (2 Samuel 16:22). I find it interesting that one of the women that Ariel kidnapped and abused was Gina DeJesus. Perhaps she represents Christianity in this picture.

The bombing of Damascus is a clear escalation of the conflict in the region, according to the American government's plan from 2001 to overthrow the Mideast Dictators and replace them with democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood candidates. That plan was revealed by General Wesley Clark in 2005, and he speaks of it about 2 minutes into the following video:


Presumably, this new radicalization policy is designed to give the Israeli government an excuse to start World War III and bomb everyone into submission.

At any rate, the one to watch now is Ariel Sharon, who is still languishing in a coma since his stroke in 2006. If he dies soon, then all of these recent events would prove to be signs of coming attractions.


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