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Watch date update: April 12-16

Apr 06, 2013

Now that the recent prayer campaign has been completed (as of March 18), what should we be watching in the near future?

During the prayer campaign in the past few months, the strongest pattern being brought up again was from 2001. But those battles in 2001 were usually short, having weeks or months in between battles. Even so, we had some interesting revelation from April 12-16, 2001 that we should watch in 2013.

From April 13-15, 2001 was the third Passover Conference in Philadelphia that was sponsored by Stone Kingdom Ministries. My own revelation was that April 12-16 was linked to Matthew 4:12-16, with each verse applying to its corresponding date. This is the passage that begins with Jesus hearing of John’s arrest, which was the signal to begin His own ministry, headquartered in Capernaum.

We may see some significant events leading to our own Open Door Ministry. Some of these events, of course, may not be suitable for publication until later, but if I see anything, I will publish what I can.

The other pattern that is always relevant is the ten-year Hezekiah Factor. If we look back to the year 2003, we see many important events taking place. The most prominent is the Iraq War, which began with the so-called “shock ‘n awe” theme in the newspapers. That theme was surely invented by someone who understood Hebrew, for that is how Shekinah is pronounced in Hebrew. It seems that the war department wanted to link the great balls of fire to the presence of God in the Most Holy Place.

The “shock ‘n awe” was an obvious counterfeit, but we have seen many times that every counterfeit prophesies of something real. After all, the counterfeiters pattern their activities after something that is real in an attempt to preempt the real and usurp its place. Yet they cannot fool God, and, in fact, they do not realize that God has tricked them into prophesying something real that is yet to come. Everything always works out for good, given enough time.

On the last day of the Iraq War, April 9, 2003, Saddam Hussein’s bronze statue was pulled down. We took note at the time that Saddam believed himself to be the reincarnation of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. That was probably a mistake on his part, for if he had known the end of the story, he probably would have tried to identify without someone else. In Daniel 2 would not endure forever. He was living in the time of the end, when the statue would be destroyed. Nonetheless, God raised him up to give us revelation that the entire Babylonian succession of empires was about to be ground to powder (Daniel 2:35).

The year 2003 itself was 70 years after 1933, when the bankers foreclosed on a bankrupt American government. In fact, April 5, 1933 was the date of the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, calling in all gold from US citizens. This foreclosure put the government under the authority of the banksters, essentially “privatizing” government.

So 70 years later was the Iraq War in 2003, which was a type of the overthrow of Babylon (Iraq). Nebuchadnezzar’s statue was cast down. Americans, of course, were deceived into going to war on the pretext of “weapons of mass destruction,” which has since been totally discredited. Nonetheless, the overthrow of Iraq established the pattern for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon and its western banking system. Watch the “Kings of the East,” if you can, for Revelation 16:12 prophesies of their rise. They follow the pattern of Medo-Persia, which came from the east to overthrow Babylon in 537 B.C.

Even as God used Cyrus of Persia and Darius of Medea to overthrow Babylon, so also will He use the modern “Kings of the East” to overthrow Mystery Babylon. Isaiah 45:1 even prophesied that Cyrus was a “messiah.” In Isaiah 44:28 God says further,

28 “It is I who says of Cyrus, ‘He is My shepherd! And he will perform all My desire.’ And he declares of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be built,’ and of the temple, ‘Your foundation will be laid’.”

Hence, we are not to be afraid of the modern Kings of the East, for they represent Christ Himself in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon today. God has raised them up to set us free from Babylon’s banking oppression. Soon the Babylonian rulers will no longer own America and its government.

Does this sound too good to be true? Think of it as proof of God’s sovereignty, for that is how Isaiah treats it. In fact, Isaiah 45 is the most prominent revelation of the sovereignty of God found anywhere in the Old Testament. Paul provides a New Testament double witness in Romans 9.

So in 2003 God gave us the pattern of Babylon’s demise through the Iraq War, overthrowing the type of Nebuchadnezzar in the old territory of Babylon. This occurred precisely 70 years after Mystery Babylon foreclosed on America (as per Jeremiah 25:11).

Incidentally, the secret rulers of Babylon then began to incorporate each department of government and sell them to their cronies. That is why the Treasury Department is run by Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. That is why Monsanto runs the Department of Agriculture and why President Obama signed the so-called Monsanto Protection Act last week. The Defense Department is run by the Defense industry. All of this has been done under the guise of “privatization,” the idea that big government is bad and that the “private sector” is more efficient than government-run operations.

Anyway, it has now been ten years since 2003, and eighty years since the foreclosure. The number 80 is characterized mostly by the number 8, which is a New Beginning. I expect to see a new beginning in the overthrow of Babylon in 2013. In other words, we should see the Kings of the East taking new ground in the banking wars. Unfortunately, we may also see the Babylonian banks react by enacting new oppressive laws in the vain attempt to save themselves from disaster.

As believers, God has seen fit to foretell these things so that we can position ourselves outside of the line of fire. We have had at least ten years (since 2003) to prepare, so that we would not have to flee at the last minute and lose everything we own. Of course, by far the most important preparation that we can make is to prepare spiritually. In learning to be led by the Spirit, we will be safe, regardless of where He leads us.

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