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The Silver Shortage

Apr 16, 2013

The recent plunge in silver prices seems to be causing a rift between the spot price of silver and the actual price of physical silver. Even though the spot price plunged Friday and Monday, a lot of people have bought a lot of physical silver at bargain prices. The result is that the largest supplier of silver at the COMEX has completely run out of silver.


CNT, one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US, who is the supplier of gold blanks to the US Mint for Gold Eagles, and is a registered COMEX depository, HAS JUST SOLD OUT OF ALL PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

In the face of an EPIC TSUNAMI of gold and silver sales today as the cartel hammered the price of silver down over 11%, and off $6 from Friday’s open, we have just been informed at SDBullion upon trying to place a large inventory order that CNT is SOLD OUT OF EVERY LAST OUNCE OF PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

At the same time, a huge open pit silver mine in Utah has experienced a landslide, closing operations for months.


5 million ounces of annual silver supply and 500,000 ounces of annual gold supply have just been vaporized landslided. Rio Tinto’s Kennecott mine in Utah- the US’ 2nd largest silver mine and world’s largest copper mine has just suffered a massive landslide which will likely shut down production at the mine for years as upwards of 1 billion tons of dirt and ore have collapsed into the basin. 

16% of US annual silver production just vanished.  Good thing there aren’t any physical supply issues in silver currently or anything…

Silver and gold prices are up today. Perhaps they hit bottom, though some are predicting more drops in the days ahead. But keep in mind that there is a difference between buying silver in the form of paper IOU's and purchasing the real stuff. The more the manipulators drop the price of their toilet paper variety, the more they are creating a disconnect between paper and real silver. When paper prices are unrealistic, no one will want to sell the real stuff at that low price. If you can find someone who is willing to sell their silver at those low prices, buy it. But don't hold your breath.

Last Friday, a local coin dealer learned that the premiums on silver eagles are up from $1.25 each to $1.50. On Monday they were up to $2.50 above spot price. Even that is a bargain, I think. Watch for it to go up to $4 or $5, unless the spot price goes higher to reflect more realistic levels.




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